The Principle of Action

action-200Action is one of the most talked about subjects in the history of mankind. However, very little action is ever taken.

One of the reasons people often use the term, ‘Talk is cheap’ is because talking about doing something is not as good as actually doing it. The motivation behind why people often mention doing something is because they are trying to talk themselves into doing something they are either afraid to do, or something they do not truly believe they are capable of doing. In fact, these people, master procrastinators, are rich in talking but poor in taking action. This is why talk is cheap; it earns no dividends until action is taken.

Immobility in any form is the absence of action. Action requires both mental and spiritual movement. To take action is the fundamental key to success. It works best alongside commitment and dedication. When you’re active, your confidence grows and has a greater chance of turning your goals into actual accomplishments. Fear immobilizes people and keeps them stagnate and oftentimes confused. Therefore, most people would rather talk about what they want to achieve in life and business to mask their apprehension of ever being able to achieve those goals.

So, what is your dream? Can you identify the one thing you would love to do more than anything else for the rest of your life? You may think that this question may involve intense thinking, but the answer is actually in your action. Information comes to people who are actively doing something. Information is motionless. In other words, information does not discover people, people discover information. A dream means that you are asleep or in a deep trance. Therefore, if you are going to achieve your dream you must wake up and make your dream immediately actionable.

There is no risk involved with action; however, there is not only tremendous risk in inactivity, but also the comfortableness of remaining inactive. Physical laws are frequently expressed as differential equations, which describe how physical quantities such as position and momentum change continuously with time. The more action is required, the more rewarding are the results.

Stop talking, and start walking. If you are going to talk the talk, you had better walk the walk.

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