4 Non-Negotiable Qualities I Look For In Hiring

MB Text 6-7-2015 1(Business Hiring)There are certain qualities I look for in a person in which determines the kind of relationship I choose to have with them. I believe the degree of my personal relationships, whether professional or personal, are determined by the qualities I listed below. If you have a relationship with a person who does not add to promoting or improving your quality of life, than they are perhaps unintentionally diminishing it. These qualities will help employers as well as individuals who are interested in making the right choice of those they allow in their space.


I look for integrity in a person’s life, because if you can’t trust a person, it is difficult to build a quality structural business or relationship. We live in a society where lying is a common practice, and no one seems to care unless they are the ones being lied to. In case you didn’t know, honesty is telling the truth. In other words, we conform our words to reality. On the other hand, integrity is conforming reality to our words. It is keeping promises and fulfilling expectations. Therefore, when I employ the term “honesty,” I am alluding to both honesty and integrity.

At the most basic level of human characteristics, an honest person does not lie. They will not exaggerate or misrepresent the facts. They do not withhold negative information. They will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. They have the courage to face reality head-on and make their words conform to it. They would never ask someone else to lie on their behalf or to cover for them.

They are also honest in giving others feedback and they are able to be direct without being insensitive. They refuse to create unnecessary drama, and they do not say anything about those who are absent that they wouldn’t say if they were present.


An unassuming person doesn’t mean they are egotistical in a quiet way. A person with the characteristic of humility has a good sense of him or herself. They do not think more highly of themselves than they should which deals with pride, nor do they think lower of themselves than they ought which lends itself to having a poor self-esteem. They are sober-minded and usually unruffled by compliments, having a realistic grip on their strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to this person not to exhibit a life of self-importance, thinking that the world center’s around them. They may display determination and get-up-and-go for the cause, for the company, or for the team, but they are not ambitious for themselves. They are not overly-concerned about titles, status, or position in comparison to others.


A proactive person takes a practical, hands-on approach to life. They are hungry and single-minded with an appetite for accomplishment. Metaphorically speaking, their last meal or last accomplishment is already a fading memory. They know what they want and they want it now. They are not impatient, just eager. They are looking for the next project, the next challenge or the next obstacle so they can figure it out like a Rubik’s cube.

They don’t spend their time dwelling on past accomplishments. They realize life is about living and living is about activity or movement. If a person isn’t moving, they must be dead. They are always reaching for more—setting higher goals. This is the kind of person who is driven to exceed whatever expectations have been imposed upon them. This is just a part of their make-up. They love figuring something out, especially if they have had no prior knowledge of it.

A hungry proactive person is intellectually curious. They read regularly —newspapers, magazines, and books. They love learning new things and sharing what they’ve learned with others. They can’t just sit around because it would just about kill them—not in a literal sense.

A proactive person will come to a meeting prepared, having completed his or her assignment. In the meeting, they are active listeners, asking questions and taking notes. They are not intimidated by the apathy of others or the views of others because of their active involvement and concern about getting the much needed information to do a job correctly. After the meeting, they follow up. They complete their assignments on-time without someone having to prod them to do so. They are relentless when it comes to execution. Although this is an admirable trait, others working around them are sometimes disturbed because their high-powered standards exposes the low standards they may govern their lives by.

Resolute Thinker

This is a person who is not afraid of making decisions. However, unlike strong-minded and sometimes unbendable people, the resolute thinker is one who makes calculated decisions. He or she believes rather mentally, orally, or by written annotation that collecting data is a necessity. They can easily spot a person ill prepared for their task, or a product part that is faulty or sub-standard. They will never sell or offer such a sub-quality product for the sake of a sell.

A Resolute Thinker is usually a person who exercises initiative and is very resourceful. This person is mainly resolution oriented and secondarily results responsive. In other words, to solve a problem is more important than getting the results, which may eventually reveal a lack of prioritizing for a company. He or she will work better in customer service or human resource departments. They are good at reading personalities and good at helping people figure out what they want. If you are an employer, put this person in front as a representative, and your rewards will be returned by an enormous amount of compliments.

For the employer who is looking for a good employee, these standards should be non-negotiable. It’s hard to find the buried treasure unless you have a map. It’s difficult to win a scavenger hunt unless you have a list. And, it’s impossible to hire the right people unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

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Change Yourself Before Change Changes You

MB Text 4-17-2015 (Change)If there is one thing constant in an endless series of episodes throughout one’s life; it is change. The objective or purpose of a person should never change, but the strategy to obtain it must frequently be modified or tweaked. Unforeseen challenges may require one to rethink and rework their strategy to tackle obstacles or struggles, which might otherwise, cripple efforts and negate objectives. It is important for a person to not be foreign to, or intimidated by change, so their approach to dealing with extenuating circumstances can be handled skillfully, and with thoughtful consideration.

Oftentimes, people sit back on their laurels without considering that the success they may have experienced yesterday, in most cases, is not adequate for motivating them to seek and pioneer new territories. Therefore, instead of continuing to seek new ways to keep their lives and businesses fresh and relevant, they become blind to their indifference to change. It is at this point, where life ends up making choices for people while forcing upon them a ‘must’ choice for which they are ill-prepared, both mentally and spiritually, to make on their own. If you, by choice, are not the mid-wife of the emerging newness waiting to envelop your life, your efforts are inadvertently helping to sustain your old way of life.

While one portion of your dream can be crumbling, another part of it may be budding; seeking to be born. One phase of your life can be on the verge of total collapse, while another segment of your life is struggling to gain access and existence into your world. My advice to you is to learn and practice the profession of a midwife. This way, you will know how to deliver even those dreams that are breach coming through the birth canal.

Change is inevitable and so are choices. It is better to change life on your own terms, into what you want it to be, rather than wait for circumstances to force change in your life which produces undesirable results.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Too often, I have heard people refer to situations as being able to somehow work themselves out; as if they can correct themselves? I have never seen a mess clean itself up, nor have I ever encountered a solution to a problem not deriving from a person. When something is maintaining instead of thriving, it is slowly dying.

I spoke with a gentleman who told me his 92 year old grandmother had recently died. He said his grandmother worked until she was 87 and stayed active until she was 91. He said the moment she became inactive, she died. The same thing usually happens to people who are young and goalless. There is a 74 year old man who is able to bench press almost three times his weight, and if you were to see him, you would know that he must love life. On the other hand, there is a 29 year old man who is perfectly healthy, but mentally, he is slowing dying. He acts as if he has no energy, he has no dreams, and he’s always complaining about how life seems to have dealt him a bad hand. This young man is just as dead at 29 as the older woman was at 92.

Life requires action! Change is necessary for life to be fluent and graceful. My friend, rehearsal is over, the curtain is open and the lights are on; now live! Don’t lock change out; embrace it, own it, and use it according to your terms. Do not allow change to change your life without your approval.

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I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from Amazon.com.

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Back on Track

Sometimes you don’t realize how far you have gotten away from the things you use to do and the person you use to be, until you look back to see how far off track you are.

Train on Track
Train on Track
Sometimes you don’t realize how far you have gotten away from the things you use to do and the person you use to be, until you look back to see how far off track you are.

Train tracks are designed to take a train to a particular designation. The train is designed to travel only on railroad tracks. The train cannot take short cuts, it cannot cut through fields, and the train cannot change its course without the conductor. Even if the conductor changes the direction of the train, the train maintains its position on the train tracks. If you see a train going down Broadway in New York, you will know that the train has been derailed. Continue reading “Back on Track”

A Revolutionary Reaction

Change is inevitable. Change is durable. Everything is subjected to change. Change is a powerful agent because it has the ability to stage-manage all forms of structures, including the human body. Where change is not forced, but left to its own judgment, it reduces the quality of things to its lowest common characteristic.

God gave to man the ability to monitor change, to slow down its progress or to speed it up. For instance, aging and death is inevitable, but maintaining good health slows the aging process and possibly defers death for a time. In other words, good health, due to eating right and exercise is the slowest possible rate of death. Imagine what happens to the human body when exercise is abandon and eating right is discarded; the body slowly deteriorates and the rate of death accelerates. Well, this is what happens to our finances. Our money problems cannot be fixed left to its own. Anything left to its own weakness will eventually be devoured by the devastating power of change to reduce its quality to its lowest possible condition.

Forcing change to increase the probability of something changing for the better takes a well thought-out and calculated effort on the part of the individual. Ignoring bills will not make them go away, but acknowledging them and attacking their onslaught of attack, will weaken its defenses. When bills are dealt with and paid, one payment at a time, despite the amount, it neutralizes their effects.

You have the ability and authority to impinge upon change the direction you want it to go. Impose your will onto your negative financial situation. Making calls to your creditors and informing them of what you will do, will cause them to negotiate with you because they want their money. Do not be intimidated about writing all your bills down on a sheet of paper. Moreover, do not avoid any of them despite how shocked you are with the amount you owe. Remember, it not how much you owe that matters, what matters is how much you own. When you owe, it creates a deficit, paying off what you owe generates an asset.

I also believe that if you act poor, then you must believe you are. Believing is more important than knowledge. How you see yourself and your situation will certainly become the lifestyle you will live. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Change the mental photograph you have in your mind of your finances, marriage, or education and watch your world begin to change. Now, please understand, trying this is not a full commitment to doing it. If you only attempt to test and see if it works than all you will produce is a warped concept of an unclassified imagination. Good habits will attract good things. Bad habits attract bad things.

You can give more, live more, do more and become more then you ever thought, if you will only believe more! Start Believing TODAY!

Overcoming Deficit Financing

Understanding the why you are in debt is more powerful than understanding the how you got into debt. Discover how you begin your journey to get out of debt and on the road to becoming financially free.

defici-financing-postGetting out of debt sounds like a viable option, but is debt reduction a better one? I believe that one should not put the cart before the horse. When it comes to getting out of debt, I believe the process should begin with debt reduction. The pressure to totally eradicate one’s debt may seem a little beyond one’s reach. However, using the term ‘debt reduction’ may sound a lot less threatening, troublesome, and a little bit more realistic. If you practice the law of first things, you will discover that you tried at one time to manage your debt when the first thing that was done was that you got into debt. Study why you went further into debt and you will be able to destroy the root cause to your debt problem. How you got into debt will only cause you to focus on the symptoms, not the actual problem. Intention will not remedy the problem, but being proactive will. It is not feasible to have a mental debt reduction plan because mental plans do not work. In your mind, you are working on a plan to reduce the amount of debt without understanding how you got so deep into it in the first place. Understanding the why is more powerful than understanding the how.

What I would like you to do this week to self-help your problem is write down your bills, what you owe, and your monthly payment. Put them in order so that it is easy for you to track them. Reminisce on when and why you entered the debt agreement and the circumstances surrounding it. For example-were you going through a divorce and needed the extra cash or something similar? Think of all your bills in light of the situation. This may help you to understand to some degree the habits or patterns you may have followed for years without giving it any serious thought. This can be the start of how to stop getting by and start getting ahead. Do not be intimidated by my information. I am friendly fire coming to destroy the enemy of your life. Poverty is stolen wealth and it is about time we catch this thief for the last time.

Learning to manage your time will help you better manage your life. Learning to manage your money will help you to manage your lifestyle. People do not make decisions about their lives and the things they can and cannot do. Money is the one tool that governs most people’s decisions concerning what can and cannot be done. Little money gives few opportunities for what things people can enjoy. Money is simply a tool used to extend opportunities to those who have enough of it and the privileges to enjoy just about anything their money can afford. The things money cannot finance are integrity and character. If these could be purchased and bartered for, it would not be real integrity and character. It is a counterfeit of the true value of life.

Most people give too much credit to doctors, lawyers and business owners as if these careers are the epitome of an emblem of wealth. If a doctor drives a new Mercedes, most people think his career fits the car. If a professional actor drives a Bentley, we without fail, would say the career fits the car. The truth of the matter is that there are many financially broke doctors, lawyers and actors that are broke because the career does not guarantee the skills to manage their money. Many wealthy janitors, teachers, and truck drivers gained their wealth status by making smart choices with their money. If you personally knew a janitor who was driving a new Mercedes Benz, you would probably think that he won the state lotto or something similar. Your chosen profession is not necessarily the key to your wealth, but your knowledge is.

For every one of us that succeeds, it is because there is somebody there to show you the way out.
~Oprah Winfrey

Accept the help from others who happen to know a little more than you. As a smart man or woman, it can save you a lot of grief and further embarrassment. Get connected to the real power to change and you will make a determination that life just got easier.