Missing “U”

missing-u-postIt has been said, that if the letter ‘U’ were removed from the alphabet, the English language would lose over 3000 words. In defining what I believe is a critical element of creative, effective writing; I think about the famous quote from “Animal Farm”: “All words are equal, but some words are more equal than others.” Out from among the top ten most powerful words one can use in the English language, is one word that stands supreme. However, before I say what this word is, let me suggest to you that if the letter ‘U’ were absent from the English language, it would point to how psychological and indispensable some things are.

There are certain power words that hold more influence over our decision making process than others. Words like ‘Free’ or ‘New’ are powerful and they often influence the guiding principle for why we buy items. However, when it comes to a person’s name, especially in print, there is a wow factor that comes into play.

There is a word that I believe is unequivocally more powerful and equal than others, as was said in the movie “Animal Farm”, and that word is ‘YOU.’ Most people would rather say ‘You’ over ‘I’ because the ‘you’ word takes all the responsibility and/or focus off of them. The amazing power behind the word ‘you’ is that it could refer to anyone. When it is used in a speech or in copywriting, the word is so cleverly used that it causes a person to take stock of what is being shared.

Think of statements like; You are powerful!, You can do it!, You are amazing!, You can be great!, You can be rich!, or You are my hero!, etc. Can these words help facilitate a more powerful sense of self? Absolutely.

They say that people are dispensable and can easily be replaced. However, a person is indispensable and can never be replaced. People refer to plural, but a person is singular. You are so important to the natural balance of this universe, that if you were not here, millions of incidents would be missing from history. Think for one moment of how many people you have touched during your lifetime, how many lives you have inadvertently inspired, or the difference you have made in the lives of children. You may never know in this lifetime how people were touched by your life or words, or how many business ideas or inventions you may have inspired. It would be staggering how many lives would be different today if you were missing from the mind of God.

You are important, you are necessary, you are great, and if you feel that you are not, just think retrospectively of people in your life. Some people wouldn’t be married had you not introduced them to each other. The movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life” with James Stewart is one of my favorite movies, and it shows how important one single life can be on this Earth.

So when you think that you are insignificant, remember how many words would be missing if the letter ‘U’ was removed from the alphabet.

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