Four Practical Ways To Optimize Your Life and Business

Optimizing your life TextWould you like to learn four simple procedures to optimize your life and business, while at the same time discovering how to reach the financial goals you set for yourself without trying very hard?
People are always searching for the secret to success or trying to find the mysterious map that will lead to the lost treasure buried hundreds of years ago. While many people spend their entire lifetime chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, these people often live a life full of aimless goals and fruitless pursuits. They are completely unaware of the reasons that drive them to no end. They seem to always be on alert for the next hot thing or chasing one multi-level marketing project after another.

These are often good people, but with very little patience. They are also driven by the apparent success of others, without realizing all the necessary real-life steps those successful men and women had to take. Oftentimes, paying the price for success is suffering through the gruesome climb to get there. Successful people didn’t try to live the life of the Jones’—pretending to look the part of being a success but actually living the secret life of a pauper. Many successful people simply took their time, walked through the process, and learned the lessons which needed to be embraced along the journey of success. This is where the pretenders have no patience; and the lack of patience causes a person to make foolish decisions. So, how does one finally arrive at the threshold of success? Well, ask yourself this question, “Am I trying to do good or make myself look good?”

We often hear the word optimization when it comes to the business world, but you rarely hear of it being mentioned and applied on a personal level. Therefore, ordinary people, like you and me, have a tendency to over complicate things when 98% of life or business is rather simple. When the simple things appear too simple to produce results, then the issue is with how the person perceives him or herself. They may feel as though they are too good to do the simple things in life. Jim Rohn said, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”
What creates the situations and circumstances which keep us moving in circles, is when solutions are so simple that they’re overlooked. When a person feels coerced to do what they have to do to make a living, they stop living because they believe doing what they have to do is the only way they can survive. This is when limitless potential becomes limited potential. This belief denotes busyness not business.

To optimize something means to make it function at its best or most effectively or, to use something to its best advantage. Allow me to point you to four really powerful steps to optimize your life, and your business can follow the same path. But, before I give you these practical principles read this brief anecdote.

There was once a man who liked doing business, but he loved playing golf—his favorite hobby. One day, he stopped spinning his wheels on how to make a buck with his business, and started living his life doing what he really loved. He ended up playing golf professionally, and made more money playing golf than he did doing business. Now this is what I call simple optimization.

Practical Principle #1
Keep life as simple as possible.

Practical Principle #2
Don’t try to make yourself look good; do good!

Practical Principle #3
Be patient, but not lazy. Live your own dream.

Practical Principle #4
Do what you truly love because it beats doing what you feel coerced to do any day!

You have now discovered the pot of gold and it’s not at the end of the rainbow; it’s in you. Over thirty years ago, I was told by a wealthy man in the city where I reside, that making money is really simple. A few years after my brief encounter with this wealthy gentleman, I realized that the Bible shares the simple truth of this same principle!

“Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.”
                                                                                                                    ~James J. Corbett

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The Balance of Success

MB Text 7-12-2015 (Balance Success)Faith is the power link to every seeable impossible desirable endeavor you may encounter. If balance is the key to life, then, faith is the power of life, and patience is the virtue of life. It is quite easy to talk about how one’s life needs balance; but how to achieve it has escaped the majority of people.

Achieving balance can be difficult because it involves knowledge, wisdom, tenacity, and action, and some people may lack adequacy in one or more of these qualities. In your Bible, the book of James says that we must not be hearers of the word only, but also doers of the word. This is where the problem comes into the equation. Most people are good at hearing to a degree, but lousy at doing. Balance, then, is formed out of sound and unbiased advice and guidance from a creditable source, and then immediately made actionable.

Faith is the power of life because it produces the ability to be tenacious. Power is power; it has no alternative to its strength and supremacy. Faith rests in its own pool of authority, and it is the force behind every movement and action. Patience is the virtue of life. It is the quality of character and the strategy to winning. Patience is needed in order to qualify the balance in one’s life, or else everything will be done in life without forethought and purpose.

Since most people are good at hearing instructions but terrible when it comes to follow through, failure is frequently inevitable. Balance is not leveling every quality off to the same degree; it is placing the importance on each quality regardless of its magnitude. When balance is achieved, it looks like the display on an equalizer component. Therefore, perfect harmony is realized because balance has been accomplished. This kind of action results not only in life becoming manageable, but also in success as being practical. There is nothing more attractive to God than a breathing faith.

Your life is at its finest when you become entrenched and completely invested in the effort but unattached from the results. I realized how difficult this can be, but it’s possible. This is the place where you are intimate with your personal power because you realize that the expedition and the exertion are important. There is a place you arrive where you must draw a line in the sand and let go of that something which has to lead you to a new position, or to a certain person loving you, or it has to lead to you making a lot of money. When your desires are discombobulated or targeted towards you feeling better about yourself, you actually become disempowered by making the goal the consummate.

I believe the goal has to do with the process itself. In reality, the end is inherited in the means. Who you are when you put forth the effort is more important than what you want to become at the end of your effort. If you are totally convinced you have nothing left in you after your effort, how can you not be content with the outcome?

Understanding the balance to success is not winning every battle or achieving every goal. It is what knowledge you are to acquire, or what skill you are to develop, or what corrections you are to make from each skirmish or attempt at something, regardless of the outcome, so that you are more prepared for the next endeavor.

Recommended Reading:

I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from

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Heavy or Heavenly Decisions

The country waited with great anticipation, as cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, and most of all Cleveland, stilled their emotions in hope that the great LeBron James would come to their town to play for their basketball teams. There has never been a time, when one person’s decision, would raise the hopes of so many and yet have the opposite effect of letting down so many at the same time. This young basketball icon, (by the way, who never said he was the savior of Cleveland), has never had to deal with the likes of this kind of pressure. Playing in the NBA Finals did not carry half the weight as the decision he had to make about his future basketball prospects. As fans from Cleveland and his hometown of Akron pleaded, prayed and begged that he would remain in Cleveland and become the legitimate hometown hero, who would help their dying city resuscitate from an economic meltdown and revive the hearts of the young and old by winning a championship.

Put yourself in Lebron James’ shoes and ask yourself, “How would I handle this decision making process?” What factors would you consider to help you make a well-thought out and balanced decision to remain in Cleveland or to leave it? It is easy for all of us to sit back and have none of the weight that this young basketball player has on him, where people have dubbed him the King who revived Cleveland. He is a basketball player for heaven’s sake, not Jesus Christ.

Lebron is surrounded by hands that are all asking for something from him and yet has nothing or very little to offer him in return, but perhaps cheers when he does something for their team to win. Everyone surrounding this young man has one major motive and it is most likely not Lebron James, but rather his or her own self-serving interest. I am sure that his mother may make the ultimate sacrifice for her son by giving her life; but the so-called fans that are cheering for him during a game will not consider giving him their only kidney if he needed one to survive just to continue playing basketball.

One day a chicken and a pig had spent days together, but neither had anything to eat. They were both famished and brainstorming what they could do to find food. After hours of deliberation, the chicken said, “I know what we can do; I’ll lay a couple of eggs but you must provide the bacon.” The pig said, “That’s easy for you to say because all you have to do to provide a couple of eggs is lay them, but for me to provide the bacon, it takes a total commitment.”

In truth, Lebron James is a young man who is expected to think and act like a responsible, well-seasoned, well-mannered person, but inside of him is a young man who is in need of fatherly examples that would foster maturity behind closed doors as well as in public. He has probably lived his entire life always being depended on. However, he needed someone else to lean on. I believe the decision he made to play in Miami was a very difficult decision to make because he does care for the city of Cleveland and I believe he does care about their economy, but he is not their savior. Cleveland is a city with many millionaires, white-collar professionals, large, medium and small businesses; as well as communities and suburbs where people will do what they have to do to survive. Moreover, Cleveland was there when Lebron James was born and it will most likely be there when he dies.

One man can make a difference, but only ONE MAN (Jesus) can save a world. Jesus Christ was thirty when He started his ministry and thirty-three when He was crucified. However, Jesus knew why He was in the world; Lebron James does not have a clue why he is on earth.

As I watched Lebron James interview on ESPN, as he courageously held his composure in place, with hesitancy in his voice, he verbalized his decision to play for the Miami Heat Basketball Organization, while unaware of what to expect. Finally, it is out! He paused before exhaling and then gave a subtle sigh of release and continued his interview. His response to those burning his number 23 Jersey and sad and disappointed expressions, exonerated his mixed emotions to a degree. The Cleveland owner and fans who cheered when he was in Cleveland are now ready to crucify him. This is demonstrative of people whose true immature reaction to a young man’s decision about his own future has cared nothing about him as a person. How sad it must be to be known only for what you do, but few really know who you are.

If I were asked by Lebron as to how to handle such an ordeal, I would tell him that basketball is a game and a business, but your future is your life. The decision you make today will affect more than just you. However, the decision you make tomorrow will affect more than just you. A person’s maturity is indicated by how he or she weighs what is of little importance or great importance. When you can unequivocally differentiate between the two, and make a sound decision without outside influences and live with your choice, you have arrived. People are important, but so are you. However, decisions will always affect others. Just make sure your decision is the one you sought God’s counsel.