Breaking The Cycle of Average

Breaking the cycle of average textHere is a line from the movie Sister Act II, starring Whoopi Goldberg, which served as a motivation for me to thrive in life; “If you want to be somebody, and you want go somewhere… you better wake up and pay attention.”

There is a very large class of people in society that you want to stay as far away from their influence as possible unless you want to be a part of them. Whether you heard of this group or not, the most important thing about this group is that you do not want to be a part of it. People in this group are not necessarily bad people, but if anyone from this group has your undivided attention, they may be a deterrent to your progress. This consortium of people is commonly known as ‘The Average 90.’ This is a group of people who may be stuck in a box without any desire or passion to break out of it. They avoid risk, abandon conflict, and run from any challenge that requires more than a mediocre effort.

Are you the kind of person who will give that little extra to achieve more than what the average person can accomplish? Average people live in the shadow of excellence—always admiring the achievements of others who are not as gifted, but apparently more daring. You don’t have to be the smartest or strongest person to achieve greatness. Have you noticed that the cleverest people in school are usually not those who are the most successful or who leave their mark on life? If you want to be better than what you presently are, you must do things differently or better than others whose standard is ‘just enough to get by’.

Aim beyond what you think you are capable of achieving. Challenge yourself to develop a total disregard for where your abilities end, and turn enthusiasm into the energy that moves you beyond your fears. Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you. You might succeed if nobody else believes in you, but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself.

The difference between the average 90 and the uncommon 10 is that the average 90 will wait for opportunities to be exposed, while the uncommon 10 will create them. It takes perseverance to break away from the mediocre and to do something other than what most people are willing to do, which is to get a job…a job that pays them below their skill level. However, this person’s mindset may just be minimum wage. Isn’t it ironic that a person can be so talented and gifted, but their personal drive is like the power of a gas operated scooter and not that of a Ferrari.

Have you ever been at a point in life when you wanted to give up, throw in the towel, and quit for the rest of your life? Remember as children, when we played baseball and we failed to catch the ball, or being embarrassed at school for liking someone who didn’t like you? How about when you felt you were the most qualified for a position on your job but you were passed over because you just blended in? All of these, and more, real-life scenarios have been used as the culprit for quitting, or becoming stagnated, where you no longer gave a hundred percent effort.

Life is about always moving forward, no matter what—it’s not becoming stagnated by some emotional letdown like a child having a temper tantrum when something doesn’t work out the way you planned it. Finding excuses for quitting at life or giving up on your dream will give most people immediate access to depression and anxiety, which oftentimes, leads to self-destruction. However, those who have a resolve in their heart realize that quitting is not an option. Disappointments, frustrations, and failures, are all a part of life. Unfortunately, we cannot always escape these life factors, because while we are learning how to live, we are also learning how to succeed at whatever is before us. These life lessons inevitably lead to mistakes. How you deal with your errors will either demonstrate your mental stability and your inner strength, or the lack thereof.

For life to work in its most simplistic form, a person must understand that it takes wisdom to fast forward, intelligence to pause, integrity of strength to play, but foolishness to go backwards. If you can wrap your head around these for components, which can help in some way to make sense out of life, then you just might discover that the purpose of life really does make a lot of sense. You were not designed to be average.

No one comes into this world and begins life counting backwards by years, months, weeks, and days. All of humanity is designed for forward mobility, and we start, not at one, but at start. A person cannot set goals for the days they’ve already lived; they can only set goals for days that have not yet been lived. This suggests that there is a Mastermind and Designer who created us to live forward, not to die in backward mode.

Do yourself a favor and rid your mind of mediocrity. Examine your efforts, challenge your strength and intelligence, and take the limits of being average and throw it as far away from you as possible. Refuse to accept what life throws at you, like most people do, and throw at life what direction you believe God has designed you to go.

I understand that it is your life to do with as you please; however, it is not your right to make other people feel guilty because they don’t want to live their lives alongside yours. It is difficult to follow a parked car. If you are not going anywhere in life and your movement is synchronized with those who are average, can you please move out of the way so others can get by you without the possibility of tripping over you? If you want to waste your time, why would I want to give you the opportunity of wasting mine?

To break away from the norm you have been traveling, you have to move through the crowd of people to create your own path. People of destiny will make life happen; average people will wait for life to happen.

Jesus said, “If they compel you to go one mile, go two.”

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The Value of Experience

Experience and life lessons are not the best teachers in life. Discover why in this post.

Experience is expensive, and the lessons of life never end. Just when you think you have graduated from the school of experience, along comes a completely new study course with tests at the end of every lesson. It seems like experience would be a better teacher if it did not charge so much for tuition. The value for experience costs more than most people are willing to pay. Sometimes the price of experience costs us more later because we are oftentimes unwilling to pay the cheaper price earlier. Experience is actually what enables you to recognize mistakes when you see it again. If you fall into the same trap that you experienced earlier, it is because you did not gain new experience in how to avoid it. Since life is inundated with the guarantees that life attracts trouble, struggles, and problems, it is necessary that we learn how to take the heat without being burned.

Greek mythology

There is an old Greek mythology about a baby named, Achilles. Baby Achilles was dipped into the waters that would make him impervious or impenetrable to the stroke of the sword or the point of an arrow. However, according to this legend, his submersion covered every place except where his heel was held. Therefore, when Achilles went into the great fight, at first nothing could harm any part of his body. Finally, an arrow pierced Achilles’ heel and caused his death. Centuries after this Greek myth, we still refer to someone’s “Achilles’ heel.” This means an unprotected area or a weak spot.

Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities

All of us have weak and vulnerable areas of our lives that we struggle to protect. We become disturbed by the illusion of problems and therefore we fix our sights on the visible instead of the invisible. Most people would rather treat the symptoms than the problem because fixing the problem means working on oneself. Usually, ‘me’ is not the problem; the problem is the other person. Avoiding your weaknesses does not make them eventually disappear. If you are unequipped for trouble then you are ill prepared for life. Life is loaded with difficulties and struggles. If you are going to get through the struggles of life, you are going to have to struggle to get through. You can no longer act civil when facing problems that are designed to take you out. I discovered that life is not a choreographed wrestling match. People go through real life situations such as divorce, rape or incest, death, financial ruin and so many other tragedies.

Making Adjustments

When you are experiencing turbulence in your life, you must learn to make adjustments and cut the autopilot switch off. You must take control of the instruments of life and weather the storm. As the storm eventually subsides, your problems will let up because you refuse to give up. You must combat your weaknesses, confront your fears and persevere until you get through your troubles or outlast them.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles, which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” –Booker T. Washington