Give It Your All Or Don’t Do It At All

Giving it your all textWould You Like to Discover Why a Poor Black Youth Became a Billionaire?

More progress and opportunities in life are forfeited by half hearted efforts than one can ever imagine. Something is deficient in a person’s character when they relapse into obscurity when what they are pursuing doesn’t happen fast enough. This can easily cause the average person to become cynical and skeptical of opportunities. In fact, their cynicism reveals itself in their behavior and lack of drive. They become nonchalant or casual in their efforts because they’ve lost hope of anything ever happening favorable for them.

Sustained success will never come to those who are casual in their endeavors. And, if you are in a hurry to be successful, you will inevitably end up making one blunder after another. Whatever you do, it has to be intentional and purposeful. Choose the battles worth fighting and only fight if there is benefit involved. Learn to take your time. Success is always in walking distance. You either have to give it your all, or don’t give it at all.

If you do something half-heartedly, you have more of a chance of losing both whatever you want, and the possibly yourself in the process. You can’t allow fear or apathy to dictate to you because they can cause you to miss out on living your best life. If you’re going to have a chance at succeeding, you have to give it your all, despite the challenges. Oftentimes, failures are experienced by people who give up before realizing how close they are to success.

I’ve discovered that just knowing something isn’t enough; you have to apply the knowledge. To be willing may sound admirable, but this is not enough; you have to employ action to make things work. You must become the change you want to see. Unless you change, nothing will change around you.

One of the greatest weaknesses in life is giving up. The most certain way to succeed in life is always to do it just one more time when something doesn’t work. Do not fear mistakes because God specializes in turning mistakes into miracles. The only way failure can actually exist is if a person is no longer willing to get up. People with options are usually those who anticipate failure in what they are doing, so they run to the next endeavor before they fulfill the expectation of the first.

How do you kill a man with a dream—give him another one. It is easy to give into distractions when your dream doesn’t seem to be working out. Most people struggle with perseverance and would rather capitulate to the circumstances than fight for their dream. It was George Burns who said, “I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love, than to be a success at something you hate.”

What you want to do, and what you can do, is limited only by what you believe you can do. Your dream, your business, your family, and your life must be valued enough to lose the fear of opposition; you must work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve success in these areas. This is how you will grow.

There are only two categories of people—the ones who will give their all and the ones who admire the ones who will give their all. Those who give 50%, also give 50 excuses why something can’t be done … Those who give 100%, just do it.

When challenges create a need for me to step out of my comfort zone and exert more energy than I might be willing to give, I consider how preserving beyond them will benefit me more than the discomfort. I could easily come up with 50 reasons why something can’t be done, but how is that productive? It’s always better for me to just do it!

Michael Jordan was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He did not have extra gold dust sprinkled on him at birth. He had the same possibilities as anyone else—he just had a greater desire to succeed than most. After being cut from his high school basketball team, he learned a valuable lesson. If you are going to succeed in living your dream, it’s going to take more than talent…it’s going to take you giving your all.

It’s not as important to know how he became a billionaire, as it is important to know why he became one. The why always exceeds the how! Therefore, whatever you do in life; whether it’s playing sports, being a student, a janitor, or working as the manager of an assembly line, if you can discover the why you want something bad enough, the how will manifest with ease.

Whatever you do in life, give it your all or don’t do it at all. It’s not worth doing, if your heart is not in what you’re doing. If You Want More Out Of Your Life? Give It Your All, Give It Your All, Give It Your All!

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What Motivates The Dreamer?

MB Text 7-3-2015 (Motivate, Dreamer)People who have dreams and believe in them usually live longer lives than people who don’t. When you have a dream to live, you are better off than the person who has to live with no dream at all. You will have a different kind of energy about you. Not only are you extending your life, but you are adding life to your years, making it more enjoyable. This is when you understand your dream is not optional—it’s necessary.

A person with a dream who doesn’t have any ump to make it happen really doesn’t believe in their dream. It’s not that they wouldn’t love to fulfill their dream; they just don’t love it enough to surrender all of their faculties to making it happen.

What do you believe is missing when a person just can’t seem to muster the energy necessary to create ways to live their dream? If you don’t know, I do. One of the most powerfully creative tools given to human beings, is the ability to use imagination. And, yet, imagination is not the answer. Rather, it’s what imagination unlocks when the right image is visible through a person’s mind’s eye. Let me spell it out for you, MOTIVATION. When a person is missing the feeling of enthusiasm, interest, or the sense of commitment which causes people to have a reason, or incentive to accomplish something; they are generally missing is what is commonly known as motivation.

Below is an excerpt from my soon to be released book, entitled, TURN ON YOUR LIFE, which I believe can help a person identify that gut feeling when it comes to living out dreams.

“When you know someone else has done what you are endeavoring to accomplish, then you know you can do it too. It’s easy to see someone else do something and then believe you can do it. But what happens when there is no record of anyone ever accomplishing or even attempting what your dream has inspired you to do? Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise be important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Do you have that feeling deep in your gut that it’s time to go for it, to tackle the one thing you’ve waited your whole life to make happen? You realize you can no longer fight that feeling, that thought—when you feel you are against the odds, even though someone else has already done what you aspire to accomplish, and you have that belief, that drive and determination that you can do it too. This crazy feeling swimming around inside your gut is the audacity that will keep you strong and persistent, always challenging yourself to do it. When you have a real-to-life dream, it becomes necessary that you live this dream.”

Excerpt from TURN ON YOUR LIFE, chapter “Get Motivated”, by Dr. Mikel Brown.

Believe it or not, 90% of the world’s population shares the same problem of inconsistency. Inconsistency is normal for most people. Normalcy for most people is sitting back and waiting for things to happen. If this is you, and you want to change, you have to deliberately break the habit of being inconsistent, which erodes your dreams and pollutes your efforts.

Stand up, stay up, and don’t give up! You can change so easily by simply changing the image in your mind. Your imagination is the key to your drive and persistence. All accomplishments were birthed out of the womb of imagination. See yourself fighting for your dream, living your dream, and defending your right to enjoy, without apology, the privilege of even having a dream.

Your imagination holds the key to your motivation. If you can dream it, it’s meant to be. If you can see it, it’s actually real, and if you can live it, you will enjoy it.

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I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from

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Don’t Half Live Your Dream

MB_text_3-13-15I’ve discovered that Success is not a simple matter; it cannot be determined merely by the amount of money and material possessions you have. Things can make you happy temporarily, but they are a poor substitute for inner peace and happiness. To achieve one’s ultimate purpose should be one’s earthly pursuits.

We all want to be happy and successful, especially financially. We work at it. We strive for it. We know it when we have it, and we know when we are not happy. It seems so elusive sometimes. We often seek happiness in all the wrong places. We run to substitutes for happiness that often makes us feel even more unhappy.

A millionaire who is not personally content with his or her life is not truly successful. I do not mean that if you have a billion dollars you cannot be considered a success however, we usually make the mistake of thinking that happiness is related somehow to our financial condition, or we think if our circumstances get better, we will be happy.

Happiness has absolutely nothing to do with circumstances. Two people with identical circumstances can have vastly dissimilar levels of contentment. One is happy and the other is not. You can have a bias for depression or a bias for happiness. When you get up each morning you will make a pre-decision for or against happiness.

Every person who succeeds in life does so by persevering in the face of adversity and by continually applying themselves to their vision. No one comes into this earth with their talents and abilities fully functional, but instead they dedicate years of their lives to developing them. Faith is a necessity for your purpose to come to fruition. Remember, faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes things possible.

When you are fed a steady diet of cynicism and skepticism, it may be hard to speak anything positive. This constant intake of negativity affects your perspective and your communication. The way you see things is what you come to believe about them.

If you are progressive in your thinking, then always enduring and overcoming challenges is the evolution of your unadulterated self. You are more powerful when you know who you are, and you are then more courageous. Once you conquer one mountain, you will know that another one stands in your way. Every time you have a top of the mountain experience, you then find yourself at the bottom of another mountain. Life is full of challenges, and dreams make the journey that much more pleasurable when achieved.

The key to living your dream is meeting limited circumstances with thoughts without limits. It’s not about how little you have; it is about the amazing things you can do with what you do have. Jesus turned 2 fish and five loaves of bread into a full course meal for 5,000 men, and He fed 4,000 with 7 loaves of bread and fish. It’s not about how much you have; it is about God’s ability residing in you to multiply what you have.

Stake claim to your dream and stop haphazardly pursuing something you were created to do. The present moment is the only time there is. No matter what time it is, both the past and future exist when you bring them into your present moment. You can decide to live your life from your past pain or you can live forward. Understand this moment, NOW! Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow. There’s nothing more powerful than a person who knows how to contain and control their personal power and not let it seep out.

Every time the present moment is ignored, there is enormous loss; and every time the present moment is seized there is immense gain. If a person advances with self-confidence in the direction of his or her dreams, and believes they are possible, and endeavors to live the life which he or she has imagined, they will meet with uncommon success at an unforeseen hour.

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I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from

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Components for Reaching the Top; Principles on Staying There

It takes a lot to get on top, but it requires even more to stay there. It is tragic to have gained so much and through negligence or mismanagement lose it all. People have had many opportunities to learn from their experiences when it comes to handling money or business and have only proven that what they have learned was absolutely nothing. History has a tendency to repeat itself especially when a person’s propensity is to excuse his or her errors or to place the blame on someone else.

No Shortcuts

There is more than one way to invest your money. However, there are no short cuts to living your dream. The New Year always starts with such promise and potential, but for most people the year ends with broken promises, more weight, and less money. The dream is placed on hold until the next year because diligence was not applied throughout the year. Each year there is a small subtraction of fervor for the things ahead, instead of a momentum building to fight even harder in the coming year to achieve their goal. Every year you should view yourself working toward your goal.

Fulfilling Your Goals

The big picture is important, but not as important as the little pieces of the puzzle that must fit into the framework of the big picture. Everything you go through in the process of fulfilling your goal is collective items that are to be used as you live your dream. Just think of it, through every failure you build perseverance; through every disappointment you establish tenacity; and from every critic steps are created to the next level. Rome was not built in a day and neither are dreams.

Staying on Top

All the elements that your journey provides for you are necessary for staying on top once you get there. Do not whimper under the pressure of life’s struggles, but understand that it is all a part of your pursuit of perfection and progression. You will always find yourself moving when you are not happy or satisfied with where you are. Movement can suggest a desire to progress, but it can also indicate shirking one’s responsibility. You learn as you grow and you earn as you learn.

My Advice

If there were one thing asked of me to give advice on, it would be,

“There is so much to learn from your daily experiences. Mountains of information, millions of mental snapshots, and tens of thousands of new ways you can discover how to do something. Value every connection, be creative with every situation, and challenge yourself to stretch beyond your self-imposed limits.”

Remember you can be anything in the world you want to be, but above all be yourself.

Reaching Your Dream Destination

How do you fulfill your dream? The answer is simple but not always obvious. Discover the simple answer here.

One day I was traveling and had to catch a connecting flight in Dallas to reach my final destination. I met an author who was having a book signing at one of the bookstores in the airport. When I went up to him to see what his book was about, he greeted me with his name and this phrase, “Hi, I’m living my dream.” I used to say that as I was writing one of my books, Beyond Ordinary. Nonetheless, it takes more to live your dream than to speak it. It takes perseverance and creativity to live your dream. It is easy to say it, but it takes more to perform it. To effectively live your dream, you must help others to live theirs. It is the law of reflection set in the earth that first enables you to live your dream. What you make happen for others, others will make happen for you.

Reaching the Destination of Success

There is a reason why I mentioned reaching my travel destination at the beginning. I could have walked to my destination, but it would have taken me weeks or months to get there. I could have driven a car to my destination, which would have taken less time. Trying to live my dream without any outside help would take me a long time. By the time I reached my dream destination, I would most likely be too tired and too old to live it. If I had allowed my car to take me to my dream, I could have reached it in a day and a half; but unfortunately, I would still be exhausted by the time I got there. There is another way to reach your dream destination in a much quicker and less stressful way: Allow others to help you. Learn to use what others have achieved, and you will avoid most of the pitfalls along your success journey.

Helping Others, Helps You

It was a person’s dream to own a fleet of airplanes design to help you reach your destination without all the hassle and strain of you having to walk or drive. If you decide to avoid the airlines, it may not cost you as much money to walk or drive at the offset to reach your destination, but it will cost you more time, energy, creativity, and plus additional hidden cost. When you buy an airline ticket, you are helping someone to live his or her dream with just spending a little more money than it would cost you to drive or to walk. To walk or drive to your destination will cost you more in food cost because you have to eat to keep your energy up and to stay alert. When you fly, it cost you less in buying food because you actually reach you dream destination in a few hours. In fact, you can sleep on the plane, but you cannot sleep while you are driving. Spend a little more money and help others to live their dream, and you will be able to use their dream to reach your own.