Become An Action Figure: An Excerpt from Dr. Brown’s New Book MAXIMIZE YOURSELF (Coming Soon)

“Greatness is not what comes out of the womb of a woman; greatness is birthed out of the courageous heart that refuses to do anything but stand and fight when faced with an insurmountable challenge, even when initially afraid.”

~Dr. Mikel Brown

hero200 We have all experienced, in some form or another, abuse in our lives from friends, relatives, parents, and even self-inflicted wounds, which have left an indelible mark on our psyches. For some of us, even our bodies.
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Is Second Impression Possible?

During a visit from a business associate, who happens to be one of the top salespersons across the nation in her field, came to speak about our outdoor advertisement. As she was speaking about how we can get more bang for our dollars, her thoughts wandered and she begin to speak to me concerning a popular book, which sold millions and about how the book made her feel. While she and her boss were discussing the book one day, she said that she thought about me and informed her boss about how she felt motivated after coming out my presence. At first my inclination was that, she’s a salesperson and there may be an ulterior motive. My second thought was she was simply sharing her genuine thoughts about feeling inspired and encouraged to perform at her peak level while having just a casual conversation with me. It made me think about how often I’ve heard people say wonderful things like this about the impact that I have on them. Moreover, just too even think, I never think of making an impact, I only believe that I have something of importance to share. Without any effort or attempt on my part to impress anyone, I have but one aim and that aim is to impress upon a person the importance of hearing the right information. Knowing that you are a product of your information, one should be very concerned about the kind of information that he or she receives.

How do you think people feel after coming out of your presence? If you notice after meeting with people, you don’t have many repeats in visitations or invites, after you thought that you and the other person seem to get along so well may be a sign that your non-verbal skills are speaking louder than your audible voice. It is important for an individual to understand the kind of aura and impression that resonates from their person. You can be sending out the wrong kind of message that causes others to be repelled rather than magnetically attracted to you. Because of the lack of friendships or associates, banging down your door to gather with the guys or gals can be an attributing factor that leads to feelings of dejection, depression and loneliness.

Can you lose or close a sale in just a matter of seconds? You bet your sweet life you can! You can lose a sale in seconds with bad breath or you can close one in fewer seconds than you can lose one with just the right first impression. Approaching potential clients or friends with the wrong facial expression or the improper use of words can make the first meeting as if you are in a den of lions. Seven to ten seconds is the average length of time you have to make a good, bad or indifferent first impression. One way or another, the first impression will cause the other person to decide if they want to see you again or not. Is there a way to recover from a bad first impression? Yes, there is. I have heard others say that if your first impression is not good, you will not get another chance with the potential client or associate. It is possible to attempt a second impression, but with an honest approach that you made a foolish assumption with the first.

We are all aware of the benefit and residual reaped from a great first impression and that you can anticipate that the client is more likely to take you and your business seriously or that your percentage greatly increases of gaining another friend is a certainty. However, the second impression may prove humbling and slightly difficult but not impossible. Most people understand how mistakes can be made and are more than willing to give a person a second chance. However, the way to get their approval of your second opportunity is to be genuinely apologetic about the first. Moreover, going after a second impression to present your business or product or to gain the confidence of a potential friend is worth it. You never know the connections that can come from one person that can open doors to many other opportunities for you.

If you notice that people may not want to be around you or that it is difficult for you to make sales, do not turn away and ignore it. Ask your spouse or your closest friend to be painfully honest with you about your personality and let them know that you will grant them amnesty to say whatever they feel that can help you identify your lack of social skills. Working on yourself is commendable because it allows you to move the inhibitors that are blocking your progress and hindering relationships that can potentially blossom into a marriage, friendship or a great sale.

Below is a list of seven ‘Dos and Don’ts’ you can do to increase your chances of leaving a lasting and memorable impression on others that can lead to your success.

  1. Put on a genuine smile.
  2. Don’t act like you care, care!
  3. Vocal variety is the key to communication.
  4. Don’t look certain; be certain!
  5. Stuttering is not a problem but mumbling is.
  6. Speak with you entire body, not just with your mouth.
  7. Respect the person’s title, position, and status.

Remember, you cannot lose being a chameleon because people like people who are like themselves. You will only attract after your own kind, so to attract other potential kinds, be like them.