Mastering The Human Psyche

I consider myself to be a student of life, and because of that, I have studied different principles that exist in this earthly realm that have propelled people to succeed in life. One amazing truth that I have realized is that people who seem to be the most talented and intelligent don’t necessarily outperform those who are less talented. Rather, it is the people with the greatest desire to follow-through with their dream that excel the most.

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Understanding Your Commodities

Don’t spoil today by worrying about tomorrow. Pressure is not your enemy; it is what is in you that causes you to react to it the way you do. Pressure normally occurs when the flow of something is held up either by the narrowing of the channel through which it flows or when momentum is met with a dead end. If the hindrances persist, the pressure will build until it stops the flow or until the flow violently breaks out under pressure. Pressure squeezes what is in you out of you. If there is a lack of character in you, it will come out under pressure. When life’s pressure pushes you in a corner, the first lesson is to not panic.

Some things may get in your way but they don’t have to stay in your way. Bats are said to live longer for their size than any other animal. They have a life span of twenty years. It has been suggested that the secret to their longevity is their ability to relax and go quickly into the deep sleep of hibernation. Right after fighting, bats can almost immediately slow its heartbeat from 180 per minute to three and it can retard its respiration from eight breaths a second to one every eight minutes. A person under stress needs to study the life of a Bat and practice its habits of rest because it may not only extend one’s life, but also strengthen their psyche.

A woman was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a short time to live. She and her husband began to live each day with tremendous clarity and love. When it was nearly the end of her life, a friend finally got up the courage to ask the dying woman a question: “What does it feel like to live each day knowing you are dying?” She raised herself up on one arm, and then asked him, “What does it feel like to live each day pretending that you are not?

When life is underestimated, so is the value of time. Moreover, when time is misappropriated, life is simply wasted. Doing nothing is about the most tiresome work in the world because you cannot stop and rest. God may be in control of time, but you determine what to do with it. We cannot recuperate lost time or lengthen the amount of time given to us. However, if we are wise, we can fundamentally know how not to waste it. The law of waste dictates that when something as precious as time is squandered on worrying, it becomes litter or trash. If wasting time was against the law, how many people would be in jail or fined? I do not believe that it is possible during this lifetime to estimate how much time is wasted doing nothing. Worrying is like throwing time away when it could be used for brainstorming solutions.

A young successful attorney said:
“The greatest gift I ever received was a gift I got one Christmas when my Dad gave me a small box. Inside was a note saying, “Son, this year I will give you 365 hours, an hour every day after dinner. It’s yours.”
“My dad not only kept his promise,” he said, “but every year he renewed it-and it’s the greatest gift I ever had in my life. I am the result of his time.”

Time is your most precious commodity; if you spend it wisely, it will not only benefit you but the world as well.

What is the quality of your work?

The Bible teaches us that Jesus was the son of a carpenter; and usually during the days of antiquity, sons would mirror the labor habits of their fathers. No doubt, Jesus mimicked the trade of His father, Joseph. Some scholars teach that Jesus’ carpentry skill was that He actually designed and made furniture. Whether He built furniture or homes is not relevant to my point. My aim is to point out the fact that His work had to be of the highest quality, which seems to be missing among contractors today. Since I have dealt with contractors and subcontractors for a number of years, I see a common thread that seems to lump at least ninety percent of the contractors in the same pile. A lack of quality and meticulousness goes into the products of many of these builders because somewhere along the line, many were taught to cut corners. Because Jesus was a man of ethics, everything He did was ethical and He was forthright in dealing with His customers. I have seen apparent flaws in the work of many builders at these construction sites and when asked about the flaw, they simply explain them away or say that the finishers will cover it up and you will never know the difference. But that is to the contrary. If I have seen the flaws in the framing of a house, then I am fully aware of what the sheetrock is covering up. Every builder can make a house look good on the outside, but it is what’s on the inside that determines the longevity of the house. The integrity of a house is not in how it looks on the outside, but rather how it is built on the inside. The Bible informs us that God said, “…man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” Refuse to be a person who cuts corners and works fast, but rather a person who does something right the first time so that it does not have to be done again.