Avoiding Contradictions

contridictionsPeople who recognize me when I’m out and about usually like to stop me to ask a question or two about a concern of theirs. Typically the first thing to come out of their mouths is a brief resume on who they are and what they’ve done. Well, one young man was telling me about how he is going to start eating right and taking care of his body. He spoke about what another person told him about vegetables and the benefits of eating them on a daily basis. So, he said, “I’m killing myself with my bad eating habits.” Then he said, “I have to go outside and have a cigarette.”

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Facing the Challenges

never-give-up200x150I have encountered many obstacles during my lifetime and undoubtedly, I will experience more. Nevertheless, there is one principle I have learned which has been the catalyst for my fighting through these obstacles… and this principle in simple form is to never give up!

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How To Change Your Mentality

Change Your Mentality
Mentality is a habitual way of thinking or interpreting events peculiar to a person or type of person, especially with reference to the behaviors that it produces.

What kind of mentality would you say you have?

Do you have the kind of mentality that is conducive of a quitter or a winner?

Do you find yourself thinking like a poor victim or a rich achiever?

Are you one that will find an excuse for having an under achiever mentality or will you accept responsibility for your inadequateness?

Perhaps you sense these questions are coming at you too fast and at the present moment you are not in the right frame of mind to deliberate at this time. These questions are designed to make you think about yourself and your behavioral patterns.

I know that it is not always pleasant to look introspectively without criticizing yourself. I assure you that my intent is not to impair your psyche, but rather strengthen it, and if you continue to read these power points, the potential to yield fruit is astronomical. How does one move from having a mental framework of scarcity to one of abundance?

In my book Beyond Ordinary, I wrote that the most difficult thing to change is you. Changing ones mentality to accomplish a goal or to improve one’s marriage or increase your income is not an easy undertaking. People have gone under hypnosis, counseled with motivational gurus, and even tried religious meditation. Taking this path is more laborious than having to climb a huge mountain.

How did you get your present mentality? As you live life, daily examine your mental photo intakes, your environment, what kind of people you are around and the kind of words they use. Your answer to changing your mentality with ease is right under your nose. People, animals and things have a natural propensity to adapt to their environment. You are who and what you spend your time with daily.

What you spend the larger percentage of your time on is what you love. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” Well, it is true. However, it is also true that whatever information you take in from whatever source is what you become. YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF YOUR INFORMATION! Change your information source; change your life. Watch this blog for some upcoming nuggets that will help you learn more, so that you can earn more.

Lakers clinched the lead in the 2008 Western Conference

Anyone who really knows me is fully aware of my love for the Los Angeles Lakers. I have been a Lakers’ fan since the early seventies and I do not intend on changing. The NBA 2007-2008 year has ended and the LA Lakers have clinched the lead in the Western Conference. This simply means that they will have home court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoff.

There are major factors that go in to playing any sport.
The owners, coaches, and those who study stats are intimately aware of the factors that can have the pendulum swing in their direction. Those factors are the law of averages and the principle of persistence and momentum. Oftentimes, you will hear the announcer say, “Whenever the Lakers shoot fifty percent or more and score over a hundred points, they are 38 and 4.” What they are saying is that the odds are in their favor to win.

Momentum is a strange phenomenon because once it latches on it continues to increase. What happens with momentum is that it is mental. Once you think that you have enough points or wins, your mindset shifts to cruise control and then momentum is lost. This is why a team can be winning a game by more than 25 points, and they not only lose their lead, but they also lose the game.

When the mentality shifts to cruise control and the other team has narrowed the spread to less than fifteen, the cruise control mentality shifts to survival mode. Suddenly the team that once led by more than twenty-five points is now playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

Persistence is another plus which works in the favor of a team that displays more than a desire to win, but single-minded doggedness to conquer despite the odds.

I have seen this kind of perseverance in Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and now, Kobe Bryant. Once Michael Jordan had momentum in a game, he never played a team that he did not want to push the dagger into deeper. He knew how to keep the momentum until it worked like a dynamo.

Kobe Bryant can have a lasting legacy if he continues to play the game to conquer his opponent, instead of playing to convince the naysayer; and he will win the championship.

Neither life nor business is any different from sports. All are governed by rules and regulations that must be adhered to, coupled with desire, will, persistence, and faith. Challenge yourself to move off the pedestal of mediocrity and move into a dimension of the victorious.