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MB blog_textSome people excel with money and some don’t – Which One Are You? Are you embarrassed by your money skills? If you are sick and tired of doing money the old way—read this! If you need to increase your income, let’s start by discovering how much money you already have with your present income by discovering how not to make your debtors richer.

“I believe that the power to make money is a gift from God.”
~John D. Rockerfeller

Most people have it all wrong about money in America. Money is the one common thread that ties all the nations of the world together. Poverty is the perversion of prosperity, and the parody of financial freedom is debt. A dollar saved is a value, a dollar invested produces increase. What money comes in today will always reflect what went out yesterday.

The art of creating wealth works in the reverse of how one creates debt. The improper use of money creates debt. Debt is the result of what you cannot afford. Wealth is the result of the appropriate management of money. People have it all wrong, a person doesn’t have to possess a lot of money to create wealth—it is having the knowledge and using it, which causes your money to work to produce wealth for you.

Can You Handle the Truth? Most people aren’t enthusiastic about hearing the truth, especially when it challenges their self-imposed inadequacies. These people concoct fantasies in their mind to substantiate their defects. Now of course, the stories are not true, but they are stories they can believe, which shift the blame of underperforming from themselves to some other person or condition.

Henry Ford once said, “The man that believes he can and the man who believes he can’t are both right.” Most people have had money problems and most people do not give up on life, they continue to march on until they can either find a solution or make up another story. These concocted stories become the reasons or excuses for the lack of passion, which is in my opinion, sheer fear. There is no easier lie to believe than the one that places the blame on God.

You must initially see that debt and financial struggles (poverty) go hand in hand. Please understand that my aim is not to humiliate or beat you down if you find yourself in this predicament, I simply want to give to you a simple plan to better equip yourself and your family to be financially secure. This doesn’t mean you’re going to become a millionaire over night, but you can be en route to fulfilling your dreams and having more money, even if it is not a million dollars in your bank account.

They say that money isn’t everything, and that’s true—but look at how many things it is. In our society, money is everything. For Americans, it is how we keep score. A man’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character—how he makes it and how he spends it. Money doesn’t change a person; it simply exposes him or her for who they already are. If money makes you feel better about yourself, then you neither understand yourself nor the reason for creating wealth.

The Bible says, “…For the love of money is the root of all evil.” This verse is often misquoted—it doesn’t say that money is evil. The personal secular methods that help a man acquire a fortune are the very ones that can keep him from enjoying it. Money itself is not evil, nor is it good. Both good and evil can be done with money. The old maxim is, “Money may not bring happiness…”, but I say, “Neither will poverty.”

When a man respects the potential of money and learns to control its influence, he becomes a wise man. Are you a good money manager? Yes you are! All most people need is a little motivation and a little help, and they are on their way to being a blessing to family, church, and to others.

In just three to six months, you can free up some of your cash which can go towards other bills if, you can believe it. The basic requirement needed for debt reduction is for you to “Start.” Learn and apply the spiritual principle of giving. I have heard people say, “But I don’t know where to begin.” My answer is simple. How did you start getting into debt? You started collecting credit cards and systematically using them. Reverse the process. Start with plastic surgery by cutting up your credit cards, then collect and arrange your bills and pay them systematically.

Do not be afraid to examine how you got into your financial mess. Retrace your steps and you will end up where you started—debt free.

Watch my video, FINANCIAL IMPACT: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9huApU7J7w[/youtube]

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A Simple Twist to Upgrade Your Money Potential

This is an excerpt from “A Simple Twist to Upgrade Your Money Potential” from my book UNEXPECTED TREASURES, which I believe will help you improve and increase your potential to make more money. Money may not buy you love, but that does not diminish the importance of its necessity.

“It is extremely difficult to remain motivated to work for a paycheck you have already spent, especially when the money is going towards something you do not even need. Money may not bring you happiness, but it certainly enables you to look for it in plenty of places. Moreover, the feeling we get from the things money provides bears a close resemblance to happiness. Do not misunderstand me! I do not love money; I simply like it a lot. People who claim not to like money will often lie about many other things, as well. I merely like the time-saving convenience and numerous opportunities that money affords me.

You may be wondering why the subject of money is so important to me. The truth is…I realize that I have an important mandate on my life to help as many people as I can succeed financially before I depart this Earth. Part of my purpose in life is to impart my wisdom on financial increase into the lives of those who will receive it. I am truly more interested in your success than your adoration.

Managing and keeping money requires more skill than earning it. It behooves each and every one of us to become a good money manager because you have the highest vested interest in how well your money performs in the marketplace. The wealthy have many concerns, but theirs look very different than those of the poor and middle-class. With the poor, obtaining money is a hounding thought; with the middle-class, getting it to stretch is a consuming notion; but with the wealthy, getting it to travel farther is an exciting occupation of energy and thought. Wealthy individuals play the money game to win while others simply play not to lose.

People with a poor perspective of money matters tend to always be in survival mode when it comes to living life. Their primary goal is to have enough money to pay their bills on time and stash away ample funds to afford a vacation. On the other hand, a healthy approach to money management causes individuals to amass wealth, not just an income. These individuals are committed to wealth accumulation – not debt accumulation. While poor and middle-class people may want to enjoy financial prosperity, it is the wealthy individuals who consistently demonstrate their commitment to producing it. If you are totally committed to creating wealth, chances are you will not. Most Americans know exactly how it feels when their money is funny, but there is nothing funny when your money does not meet your basic needs.”

In order to change your potential to make more money, you have to change what you believe about it. Everyone wants to make more money, even the ones that make billions. The truth of matter is that without adequate money, existing in this life is about all one does!