The New Year Blues Vs. A Bright New Year

Do you have the New Year Blues or is Your New Year Bright? I have made a determination that you cannot have a better tomorrow if you are always thinking

ny-200x150Do you have the New Year Blues or is Your New Year Bright? I have made a determination that I cannot have a better tomorrow, if I continue thinking about yesterday. Yesterday is today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. Your future hopes that you have learned something from your past because it doesn’t want to repeat it again.

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Avoiding the Debt Trap

People everywhere are talking about their expectations for 2011. In fact, much of it sounds like a broken record that keeps skipping on the same lyric. James Brown called it out in one of his sounds when he said, “…like a dull knife, just ain’t cutting. Just talking loud and saying nothing.” This may or may not mean anything to you. However, when people have been saying the same thing year after year without any improvement they are like a dull knife, just ain’t cutting. Just talking loud and saying nothing.

This year is going to be different than any other year before. You have to believe and become proactive in ensuring that the challenges of 2011 does not overcome you. Most people are chased by their 2010 problems into 2011. In fact, the challenges many of us may have avoided did not disappear, but stalked us and will reappear in this New Year. You may find yourself experiencing old stuff trying to come back into your life. Such as old toxic relationships that you personally never ended, it just faded off the scene, old debt that you assumed the company forgot about them, extra pounds that come in the form of cookies, ice cream, Mc Donald’s, etc. What are you going to do when your New Year’s resolution is challenged by old unfulfilled promises? Are you going to go into hiding or are you going to face them?

Do yourself a favor, this year, make no promises, no talk, just take action! Be proactive instead of reactive. Develop a plan. Whether that plan is to get out of debt or lose pounds and inches, make a plan and follow it to completion. Forget about convincing others; convince yourself. Your self-improvement is predicated on how you disapproved of your miserable failing of last year’s target. Take a different approach and attack your goals from a different angle. Good fighters are wise fighters who understand that you are not to always attack your opponent head on. The New Year is going to require more focus and tenacity to get better. You can do this! I know you can! Challenge your weaknesses, challenge yourself. Don’t settle for moving an inch when you are capable of moving a mile. Accomplishing a mile of progress may not come in one big leap. It may come in inches, but remember that a mile can be broken down into inches.

Say goodbye to debt. Say goodbye to pounds and inches. Say hello to success! Celebrate every small accomplishment you make. Do not undermine “small.” The Bible says, “…despise not the day of small beginning.”