The New Year Blues Vs. A Bright New Year

Do you have the New Year Blues or is Your New Year Bright? I have made a determination that you cannot have a better tomorrow if you are always thinking

ny-200x150Do you have the New Year Blues or is Your New Year Bright? I have made a determination that I cannot have a better tomorrow, if I continue thinking about yesterday. Yesterday is today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. Your future hopes that you have learned something from your past because it doesn’t want to repeat it again.

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Starting Over Again

Taking Control of My Life in 2009 Banner

Starting over is not as bad as not starting at all. I am sure that during the course of 2008, you made decisions that you wish you had not made. Instead of gaining ground, you lost it. Instead of making up time, you lost more time. You wished that you could have started again at least in the middle; but your poor choices placed you back at square one.

This familiar position is not as bad as one may think. It is better to start over at square one than somewhere in the middle, and not know the origin of your problem. The New Year will mark the beginning of something fresh and exciting. Starting over will not be starting with the same old information which led to making such disastrous decisions. It will be new information that will trigger different ways to accomplish your goal and tackle your weaknesses.

The New Year is the beginning of Taking Charge of Your Life, which includes every area of life that has fallen short in 2008. Yes, you will resume the control again of your finances, marriage, weight, parenting, job, business, etc. Starting over has never been more exciting, because this time you have qualified help and support.

The New Year of 2009 convenes the start of Taking Back the Controls of Your Life. If there are areas of your life where you recognize that you have little or no control and would like to get back into the captain’s chair, sign up TODAY.

Taking Control of My Life Campaign” will consist of emails and online videos sent only to those who sign up to receive the vital information that is relevant to regaining control. This endeavor will provide the tools for getting out of debt, increasing your income, improving your marriage or singleness, and boosting your self-esteem by educating you as to why you are incredible.

My “Get out of Debt” program is a weekly informative approach to giving practical advice and monitoring your progress. Do not procrastinate. Sign up today so that you are a part of the “Taking Control of My Life Campaign” from the beginning. If God is willing, I will see you in the future.