Change Yourself Before Change Changes You

MB Text 4-17-2015 (Change)If there is one thing constant in an endless series of episodes throughout one’s life; it is change. The objective or purpose of a person should never change, but the strategy to obtain it must frequently be modified or tweaked. Unforeseen challenges may require one to rethink and rework their strategy to tackle obstacles or struggles, which might otherwise, cripple efforts and negate objectives. It is important for a person to not be foreign to, or intimidated by change, so their approach to dealing with extenuating circumstances can be handled skillfully, and with thoughtful consideration.

Oftentimes, people sit back on their laurels without considering that the success they may have experienced yesterday, in most cases, is not adequate for motivating them to seek and pioneer new territories. Therefore, instead of continuing to seek new ways to keep their lives and businesses fresh and relevant, they become blind to their indifference to change. It is at this point, where life ends up making choices for people while forcing upon them a ‘must’ choice for which they are ill-prepared, both mentally and spiritually, to make on their own. If you, by choice, are not the mid-wife of the emerging newness waiting to envelop your life, your efforts are inadvertently helping to sustain your old way of life.

While one portion of your dream can be crumbling, another part of it may be budding; seeking to be born. One phase of your life can be on the verge of total collapse, while another segment of your life is struggling to gain access and existence into your world. My advice to you is to learn and practice the profession of a midwife. This way, you will know how to deliver even those dreams that are breach coming through the birth canal.

Change is inevitable and so are choices. It is better to change life on your own terms, into what you want it to be, rather than wait for circumstances to force change in your life which produces undesirable results.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Too often, I have heard people refer to situations as being able to somehow work themselves out; as if they can correct themselves? I have never seen a mess clean itself up, nor have I ever encountered a solution to a problem not deriving from a person. When something is maintaining instead of thriving, it is slowly dying.

I spoke with a gentleman who told me his 92 year old grandmother had recently died. He said his grandmother worked until she was 87 and stayed active until she was 91. He said the moment she became inactive, she died. The same thing usually happens to people who are young and goalless. There is a 74 year old man who is able to bench press almost three times his weight, and if you were to see him, you would know that he must love life. On the other hand, there is a 29 year old man who is perfectly healthy, but mentally, he is slowing dying. He acts as if he has no energy, he has no dreams, and he’s always complaining about how life seems to have dealt him a bad hand. This young man is just as dead at 29 as the older woman was at 92.

Life requires action! Change is necessary for life to be fluent and graceful. My friend, rehearsal is over, the curtain is open and the lights are on; now live! Don’t lock change out; embrace it, own it, and use it according to your terms. Do not allow change to change your life without your approval.

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Tenacity is a developed attribute

Tenacity is a developed attribute that can be discovered in a successful athlete with a winning attitude, a businessperson with an undying devotion to succeed, and even in a child who seems to understand what he or she wants out of life.

The ability to keep your eyes on the goal is a rare distinction. I would love to say that everyone has developed this rare gift, but, unfortunately, most people have not.

I recently watched a fighting match where one fighter came into the ring with the meanest face you ever saw. He was grinding his teeth as though he was ready to eat his opponent. He screamed, yelled, and jumped around the ring, pressing the fight to start. He looked ferocious, to say the least. His opponent looked tough, but calm. When the bell rang, the ferocious looking fighter ran toward his opponent and jumped in the air to kick him; but landed on the mat from a kick from the smooth, calm fighter. The match was over in just a few seconds beyond a minute.

Tenacity cannot be faked.

It is a powerful component of the will that allows a person to endure the most difficult pressure, and yet, come out on the other end victorious. Acting the part does not mean that you are living the part.

  • Learn to press on regardless of the obstacles and struggles that usually accompany a person’s pursuit to accomplish a goal.
  • Stay with your program and see it through.
  • Do not become satisfied with doing a fairly good job when you know that it is not good enough.
  • See your creation until the end, when it looks just like you envisioned it.

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