The Balance of Success

MB Text 7-12-2015 (Balance Success)Faith is the power link to every seeable impossible desirable endeavor you may encounter. If balance is the key to life, then, faith is the power of life, and patience is the virtue of life. It is quite easy to talk about how one’s life needs balance; but how to achieve it has escaped the majority of people.

Achieving balance can be difficult because it involves knowledge, wisdom, tenacity, and action, and some people may lack adequacy in one or more of these qualities. In your Bible, the book of James says that we must not be hearers of the word only, but also doers of the word. This is where the problem comes into the equation. Most people are good at hearing to a degree, but lousy at doing. Balance, then, is formed out of sound and unbiased advice and guidance from a creditable source, and then immediately made actionable.

Faith is the power of life because it produces the ability to be tenacious. Power is power; it has no alternative to its strength and supremacy. Faith rests in its own pool of authority, and it is the force behind every movement and action. Patience is the virtue of life. It is the quality of character and the strategy to winning. Patience is needed in order to qualify the balance in one’s life, or else everything will be done in life without forethought and purpose.

Since most people are good at hearing instructions but terrible when it comes to follow through, failure is frequently inevitable. Balance is not leveling every quality off to the same degree; it is placing the importance on each quality regardless of its magnitude. When balance is achieved, it looks like the display on an equalizer component. Therefore, perfect harmony is realized because balance has been accomplished. This kind of action results not only in life becoming manageable, but also in success as being practical. There is nothing more attractive to God than a breathing faith.

Your life is at its finest when you become entrenched and completely invested in the effort but unattached from the results. I realized how difficult this can be, but it’s possible. This is the place where you are intimate with your personal power because you realize that the expedition and the exertion are important. There is a place you arrive where you must draw a line in the sand and let go of that something which has to lead you to a new position, or to a certain person loving you, or it has to lead to you making a lot of money. When your desires are discombobulated or targeted towards you feeling better about yourself, you actually become disempowered by making the goal the consummate.

I believe the goal has to do with the process itself. In reality, the end is inherited in the means. Who you are when you put forth the effort is more important than what you want to become at the end of your effort. If you are totally convinced you have nothing left in you after your effort, how can you not be content with the outcome?

Understanding the balance to success is not winning every battle or achieving every goal. It is what knowledge you are to acquire, or what skill you are to develop, or what corrections you are to make from each skirmish or attempt at something, regardless of the outcome, so that you are more prepared for the next endeavor.

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The Secret To Discovering Solutions

solutions-post-630 Are you overlooking the solution by only focusing on the problem? Understanding the origin of life’s situations holds the key to discovering solutions to every problem.

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Living Beyond Mere Existence

Living Beyond Mere Existence
Live an Exciting Life!
The only thing that stands between a person and what he wants from life is often merely the will to do it and the faith to believe that it is possible. A living faith cannot be manufactured by the rule of majority.

Faith walkers will never blend in with those who govern their life by logic. Reason is good when the situation is humanly possible; faith is called for when it’s not. A faith that hasn’t been tested can’t be trusted. Faith is a passionate intuition and he who has faith has an inward reservoir of courage, hope, confidence, and calmness. Prayer may be the way to reach heaven, but faith is the key to unlock its door.

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Secret Strength

Headline Reads: Whitney Houston, Dead at 48
This headline could have read something entirely different had Whitney Houston learned to tap into, and explore her inner strength which would have caused her to push through all of her life’s challenges.

Whitney Houston Dies at 48
Whitney Hoston Dies at 48
Headline Reads: Whitney Houston, Dead at 48

This headline could have read something entirely different had Whitney Houston learned to tap into, and explore her inner strength which would have caused her to push through all of her life’s challenges. Instead of the headlines reading what is stated above, imagine the headlines reading; Whitney Houston killed it at the Grammy Awards Show. Wow, everyone would be searching the internet to hear her sing and dazzle the audience with her voice. Could her death have been avoided? Yes!

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Back on Track

Sometimes you don’t realize how far you have gotten away from the things you use to do and the person you use to be, until you look back to see how far off track you are.

Train on Track
Train on Track
Sometimes you don’t realize how far you have gotten away from the things you use to do and the person you use to be, until you look back to see how far off track you are.

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What motivates you?

What does it take to get you moving and energized concerning the fulfillment of your goals and aspirations? The answer to these questions can vary from person to person. However, there is one thing that is constant for every person; something is needed to spark their enthusiasm or starting will be a chore.

Some people allow fear to hinder them from starting while others move beyond the fear in order to start their project. Now, completing it may be another story, but one thing is certain, you cannot finish what you never start. There is an Art to the Start. I realize how this may sound like a cliché, but it is an art to it.

Motivation is needed and operating with some form of excitement is a plus. Motivation is simply taken from the word “move” and “cause or reason”. Thus, motivation is a reason or cause to move. What is the cause or reason that will push you more than anything else? What is the driving force beyond your motivation or the lack thereof?

For some people it is the potential of making a lot of money, some are thrilled to be able to help others, or others are pumped about having the opportunity to create or discover something. Just as hunters who answered the question of “Why do they love killing animals?” Most hunters answered the question with, “It is the thrill of the hunt!”

Despite how lofty your ambitions are or even how humble they might be, there must be a reason or cause for your motivation. When an aging boxer during the depression was losing in a comeback fight which was arranged knowing he was wash up as a fighter, thoughts of his children not having enough food to eat became more important than life itself. This thought became the drive for his motivation to fight with such vigor that it would take a freight train to knock him out.

There are some things you will not fight for as vehemently, even if your own life was on the line. However, if you loved your family that much more, your aggression will become energized by the thought of your children not having a father or mother around. Find your cause or reason and your motivation will be there to start and perhaps victoriously finish.