Dismantle The Walls To Your Progress

MB Text 4-12-2015 (Dismantel Walls)Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

-Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is considered America’s first self-help author, who after leaving school at the age of 10 to work in his father’s candle making business, overcame incredible odds to accomplish a great deal in his lifetime. At the age of 12 Benjamin took an interest in the business of printing. It was there where he developed an appetite for reading and writing. Surprisingly enough, Benjamin Franklin became an accomplished inventor, writer, scientist, statesman, philosopher, diplomat and abolitionist. He achieved all of this without graduating from any one of the finest colleges in his day. Imagine what you can do when you understand the power of progress.

If you want to be a winner and you want your life to change for the better, change your philosophy about what is required for progress now! Learn how to make your progress a reality. Progress is not moving away from challenges; it is not shirking from pressure, and it is certainly not backing down from a fight. Progress earns the right to be what it is because it is the potential to push beyond those obstacles.

I so strongly believe there are no constraints on the human mind, no barriers around the human spirit, and no blockades to our progress except those we ourselves construct. Dismantle the walls that impede your progress. Although it may take some time, progress cannot be achieved without consistency.

Positive development, which is usually gradual in nature, works towards achieving a goal or reaching a higher standard. The principle agent for initiating progress is a word most people don’t mind reading about or saying to others. However, they are diametrically opposed to applying it to themselves. That word is CHANGE! If you don’t change what you’re doing, you will never shift your movement from regression to progression. Progress is forward or onward movement. Progress is advancement.

The words progress or progressiveness could be pleasant words to use, however change is the motivator, and change has its enemies. Resistance is an enemy to change; therefore, it is an adversary to progress. If you are resistant to change you are tolerant of excuses. If your ‘should’ does not turn into ‘must’, you will be consistently passive towards change, and progress will never be realized.

Your standards must change. You must place a higher standard on yourself than what others may require of you. If you remain passive toward making the necessary changes in your life, and wait for life to give you the ‘have-to’, something will come along in your life and provide you with the ‘must’ that may not be very pleasant.

It is sad when overweight people are warned by their physicians, that if they don’t change the way they eat they will probably be dead within two years. Only after hearing this kind of threat, do some of them finally get serious about their diets. Sometimes, life’s ‘musts’ comes too late and lives are lost as a result. Or consider relationships which were given little attention because one person thought providing money instead of time, was the only requirement for being a good spouse or parent.

The goal of progress is to reach whatever is placed before it, and the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self when the journey is laborious. Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we change, so changes the world around us. The revolution which can save your life and ultimately someone else’s life, is a personal one.

As you learn to master the art of progression, your achievements will eventually give others the right to believe that what you accomplish, they can for themselves, experience similar accomplishments.

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