The Ethics of Business

business-ethics200Do the ethics people apply to running their business interrelate with how they manage their lives?

Before I answer this question concerning ethics and business, allow me to point out one important piece of information about business or owning a business. The word business does not strictly relate to transacting commerce, though it does not exclude commerce or capital. Business in its basic meaning is a set of tasks or important things that somebody has to do or deal with, and/or personal responsibilities and concerns. As such, business can relate to owning and running your own company, as much as it does with managing the affairs of a family.

Ethics is a system of moral standards or principles which are the filters whereby people manage their conduct. Therefore, everything a person does is expressed through a moral consciousness of what is good, bad, or indifferent. I think this is important to know so when the readers answer this question, they do not answer from the standpoint of the 11.2 percent of the United States population, who own and run their own businesses as though they can leave themselves out of the equation.

Now, the question asked at the beginning of this article was, ‘Do the ethics people apply to running their business interrelate with how they manage their lives?’

To answer this question correctly, I will first give some insight. There are three important components which epitomize your life. They are uniquely interrelated and cannot be separated when employed. In fact, they harmonize and are inseparable like water and wet, or words and meanings. Neither of these can be executed or expressed without the other. The three components I’m referring to are time, energy, and money. These balance or set off the totality of a person’s life. And, may I include; ethics has everything to do with this powerful quintessential of life.

Time is not life, but life is comprised of it. Energy is not life; however, life cannot be sustained without it. Money is not life, but it is the bartering tool you exchange facets of your life for. What exactly do you mean Dr. Brown? Your present life is the computation of time indicated by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. In fact, without time, human life, with the inclusion of all vegetation and other living organisms, would cease in this world because life is time.

Energy is vital for life because life is energy. From molecules to atoms and sub-atoms, all are intercreative and synergistically designed to support and sustain the ecosystem and natural balance of life. Therefore, your life is your strength and energy. Without energy, organisms cannot exist on planet Earth.

The last portion of my explanation may be initially confusing because you may think, ‘What does money have to do with life?’ Let me ease your mind, I am not suggesting your life cannot exist without money; however, in this world money is the result and representation of your time and energy.

When you have a job, it’s not just for show, but it determines the lifestyle you decide to live. Ethics helps you to properly manage your money. I believe strongly that the ethics you live your life by are the standards in which you truly govern your life. Although money helps you to govern your lifestyle, it also translates to how you perform in business and the business of your family.

So to the question “Do the ethics people apply to running their business interrelate with how they manage their lives?” my answer is…the answer is in the question.

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