Building the Life of Your Dreams

Low standards will always equate to poor quality.

~ Dr. Mikel Brown

your-dreamsAre you overscheduled and under rested? You can improve the quality of your life with the right strategies to free up time for what you really want to do. There are different ways to overcome goal-challenging weariness and accomplish your objectives, which may seem like shortcuts to reach your goals. However, they really aren’t shortcuts at all. These so-called shortcuts are simply better avenues and methods of doing something when you were originally using the long version or the wrong technique.

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Would you standout in a group of 100 people?

How much do you think that you think like most people? This might be a strange question to most; but the question is rather simple. Are you similar to most people? How different would you be if you were in a group of 100 people? Would you blend in with at least 97 percent of the people?

  • Out of one hundred people starting their career, by the time they reach 65 years of age, 29 out of this group are dead.
  • Sixty-eight percent have an annual median income of $6,900.
  • Three out of every 100 people starting their career are what would be consider financially successful; having an annual income of over $41,500.

Can you imagine how many people think on the same level without realizing it? Don’t become so well adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.

The three percent that is considered financially successful is just like the group of 100 people when it comes to debt. Ninety-eight percent of this group is financially strapped and living from month to month. They have mastered the concept of “running out of money before the end of the month.” I have taught people how to run out of month before they run out of money.

You are the catalyst for improving your planning and budgeting process, not someone else. Leaving it up to fate or someone else is a sure way to preserve the status quo. I happen to be a life and business coach to so many people; which actually thrills my heart. I love watching the lights come on when my protégés start to understand how to increase their business and life production – especially when they are more interested in becoming a blessing to others. However, I noticed that I cannot help people who are not interested in bettering themselves, or those who feel that their situation is hopeless.

Now is the time to invest in you by wisely attending an event that can reap great rewards. My upcoming Dream Makers 99 Conclave, entitled “The Millionaire Wealth Building Strategies” is just the necessary motivation you need to believe that you can own and operate your own business. This event will help you to increase your productivity in your existing business and give others the necessary tools and ideas to get your business off and running.

My aim is not to sound like I am giving a sales pitch; but I feel the need to impress upon you the need to avoid becoming a financial statistic. It is not too late to think and plan your future; but it is too late to go back to your past. Let me teach you heavenly solutions to down-to-earth financial problems.