The Strength of Perseverance

refuse-200 If I could give in a single word the missing ingredient that people seem to lack in their pursuit of excellence, or in reaching their goals or avoiding discouragement, it would be perseverance. To define perseverance in its most generic term, it would be described as the ability to ‘keep on keeping on.’ Most people have no idea as to how critical these words are to your success.

How do you continue doing the things that you have committed yourself to doing, when it seems to be no fruit production from your labor?  How do you continue doing something when you no longer like doing it?

This matter of perseverance is so critical to life that above all human traits, the perseverance characteristic should be built into the psyche and life of every child. The Greek word for perseverance literally means “staying power”.  The ability to remain focused under the pressure is the key while traveling on the road of success. If success is a journey than perseverance is the vehicle used. While you are traveling on any road, there will be some bumps (disappointments) and potholes (obstacles) in the road that you must learn to avoid.

It is easy to start the race with exuberance, but it is not so easy to finish.  Every marriage starts with the blissful thought of a couple being together forever, but today approximately 60 percent of them end up in Divorce Court. Every dreamer starts off with the idea that their business concept is the best on the market and that they are going to be on the fast-track to sell tons of their products, only to discover that they produced a ton, but only sold a few. If you think that life is a sprinters paradise, you are sadly mistaken. Life is a marathon; therefore, it should never be viewed as a 100-yard dash.

What happens with a marriage that ended in divorce? This question is easy; rather than preparing for 40 or even 60 years, which takes work, they thought that the marriage would take care of itself and so they made no preparations at all. This is why we have such great starters out from the gates, but very few ever make it to the finish line. They end up making some lame excuse so that they do not look bad in the eyes of their contemporaries. However, what does it matter what other people think when you yourself realize that you didn’t fail because you did not have the right stuff, you failed because you quit.

The opposite of perseverance is giving up. I personally know what it feels like to be in a dark place in life as if you are in a dark tunnel and that you have been traveling for days with no light in sight. It can be hard to concentrate when the darkness literally impedes your view. However, making the conscious decision to move forward is a matter of knowing what you want and how bad you want it. When you are faced with turbulent times is when your faith is tested, your resilience is stretched, and your toughness is brought into question. I know, I know…no one likes to be in this station in life, however, life goes on. What each person has to decide in a situation that seems to have no visible options is does the dream go on, does the marriage go on, or does the business go on.

If ten percent of the population controls wealth, then ninety percent might be scrubbing the bottom of the barrel. Most start up businesses, especially restaurants, fail with its first year, while others may have a window of two to four years. Why? Good question. To be willing to survive tough times, you have to be willing to learn. Learning is fundamental! You can learn a lot by what you go through, but you can learn a lot more by listening to others who outlasted the tough times you are presently experiencing.

Get inspired! Get turned on! Never, never quit because you will never get to see what the end will actually look like. Your dream is worth the fight, and so is your life. Hold on and keep on keeping on.

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Building the Life of Your Dreams

Low standards will always equate to poor quality.

~ Dr. Mikel Brown

your-dreamsAre you overscheduled and under rested? You can improve the quality of your life with the right strategies to free up time for what you really want to do. There are different ways to overcome goal-challenging weariness and accomplish your objectives, which may seem like shortcuts to reach your goals. However, they really aren’t shortcuts at all. These so-called shortcuts are simply better avenues and methods of doing something when you were originally using the long version or the wrong technique.

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You Already Have What It Takes To…

You Already Have It
You Can Leap Beyond Your Obstacles

Do you feel like you are drowning in a sea of the same routine in life? Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about how your life seems to be on hold? If you want more out of life, you’re going to have to change what you are doing.

What is the best investment you believe you can make that will immediately reap gigantic benefits both personally and monetarily? If your response is “in yourself”, you are absolutely correct. It’s no secret that YOU are your greatest asset. Let’s face it; you really are all that and a bag of chips.

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Job, Career, or Entrepreneurship

Have you ever said, “I need more money”? Before you spend another dime read what I have to say about creating more money.

Before You Spend A Dime On More Gas to Deliver Pizza for Extra Income, Read what I Have to Say!

“I need more money, and the only way I know how to get it without stealing, is to get an extra job!” said Fred.

Worrying about Money
Money Worries

I know how frustrating it can be when you have more month at the end of your money than money at the end of your month. Oftentimes, people are confused and unbelieving when it comes to creating ways to increase their income without having to get a second job or receiving a hefty pay raise. I am not saying that an extra job is not a viable option; I am simply pointing to the fact that there are other alternatives to increase your income without the added stress load. Besides this, employers are not passing out huge pay raises to people except to their top executives. Let’s face it; working yourself to death is not the answer for increasing your income. And, even if you were successful at increasing your income by working extremely hard and or having two jobs, you probably will not be around long enough to enjoy it. There are two ways to increase your income.
  1. You chase money until you have caught up with it, which makes you work harder.
  2. You learn how to attract money and make it work for you, and work smarter.

You make the choice. Get a job or create one.

There is a powerful scripture in the Bible that can unequivocally be a booster for one’s self-confidence, if they can believe it. This verse has empowered me to create the kind of opportunities to multiply my earnings by producing streams of income. This Bible verse does not pacify the self-helpless person because it places the ball in the individual’s court to produce actionable results to improve one’s income. For me, this is a self-help verse.

Deut. 8:18 But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth… (NIV)

Hundreds of millions of people have subliminally placed making money as some special gift that only a few exclusive heavenly endowed people have. Therefore, the person who accepts this philosophy as being true has already viewed their nominal salary as the motive to insert them in the average and ungifted category. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather people believe in their intrinsic ability to make as much money as they want to or not; based on this Bible verse, every human being has the impregnable gifting and right to create or produce wealth.

Playing dumb is not going to better your situation, nor is sticking your head in the sand to avoid the obvious going to make your financial woes disappear. People who think that they have money problems are sadly mistaken; their actual problem is not money, it is the lack of information and belief in their God-given ability to create wealth. In order to stop this infectious supposition from permeating the next generation, I believe parents have a responsibility to instruct their children and embed the belief in their psyche of their inherent ability to make and manage money, so that when they become young adults they are already ahead of the money making curve.

I both challenge and desire to change the way millions of people around the world think about producing and increasing wealth. There are viewpoints that often contradict conventional wisdom, mine is one of them. The first step to income multiplication is to believe that income multiplication is possible. Go ahead and take the first step. Then the inevitable will come into view.

Watch for my next blog post as I reveal FREE simple solutions to increase your income potential. #IR2BA (I Refuse to Be Average)

Recommended Reading:

I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from

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5 Major Distractions to Experiencing Success

You always pass failure on the way to success.
–Mickey Rooney

There are five major distractions to experiencing success. When a person capitulates to any of these five culprits, they will inevitably leave an indelible mark in the psyche of the individual. Once your mind changes its course, your actions will seek for ways to live out your new instructions.

  1. Loss of focus: Everyone who drives realizes how important it is to maintain focus. It is easy to be oscillated into a trance while driving and for this cause rivets have been placed on either side of the road so that when you run over them it makes a noise to shake you back into consciousness. Focus helps you to maintain a sense of purpose and direction.
  2. The challenges of stress: Stress for average people causes them to fall apart. Whereas, the focused entrepreneur uses pressures to bring out their best. Successful people are seemingly inured to pressures of life that seemingly slow the progress of ordinary individuals.
  3. Discouragement: Ups and downs are a part of the process for success. It is the material that goes into the making of the successful. Discouragement is simply the displacement of courage, not the absent of it.
  4. Failure: Some people look at failure as a signal to quit, while others see it as clue to seek out other ways to succeed. You cannot find STOP in failure.
  5. Fear: This is the number one distraction to success. Fear immobilizes a person. It distorts their view, while at the same time it creates false visuals. Change fear into the “FARE” and it becomes the price of perseverance and the cost of your journey of success.

God created you with the ability to overcome and to withstand the most horrific pressures and difficulties. Don’t allow anything or anyone to stand in your way of living out God’s determination for your life. If you can face it, you can conquer it!