The Challenge In Making Your New Year Your Best Year Yet


I was once asked by a married couple how they can make their New Year the best New Year ever. I asked, “Would it be insensitive for me to suggest that you learn how to exit the old year in the manner you intend for your New Year, without it sounding too vague? They both answered, “Of course not!” “Then, intentionally do daily everything [cause] you want your marriage to be [effect], and the results will continue to blossom for the entire 365 days”, I replied.
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Disarming Pressure and Stress

stressed-200HOW DO YOU HANDLE PRESSURE OR STRESS? Pressure has a way of disorienting you, scrambling your brain patterns, and causing confusion. If you don’t learn to get a handle on it the moment it appears, the result could be drastic mood swings and destructive behavior patterns.

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Four Principles of Life

Four Success Principles
How would you like to achieve virtually any goal you envision? Do you want to be the success you were meant to be? The Four Principles of Life will help you turn stress to your advantage and turn fear into confidence.

It is not how good you are; it is how good you want to be. It matters very little where you are when you are not interested in going anywhere. The hustle and bustle of life has misdirected more people than one can possibly imagine. Generally, people start doing one thing, but end up doing something very different from what they started doing. They get so busy living life, that they have forgotten how they want their lives to be lived.

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