Upgrading Your Life

Upgrading Your Life
Ready To Upgrade Your Life?
Are you searching for ways to improve your life? Do you believe that what you have experienced to this day is all there is to life? There is so much more life locked inside of you that it would be an absolute travesty to settle at where you are. Personal fulfillment comes from having no regrets at the end of the day because you believe you made the right decisions. This doesn’t mean that you stop here as if the next day is automatically filled with the accomplishments of yesterday. It simply indicates that yesterday’s actions will get you closer to meeting your goal today.

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The Power to Make Decisions

“If the right choices are made, then the appropriate rewards must be given.”
~Dr. Mikel Brown


There was a Doctor who was at his wit’s end about making decisions and seeing all the patients he had in the waiting room. His nurse came into his office and said, “There’s a patient in the waiting room who claims to be invisible.” The Doctor replied, “Tell him I can’t see him!” (LOL)

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