The Prerequisite for Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness
Mental Toughness
How do you think you would do in the area of exercising mental toughness?

It is easy to sit back and analyze another person’s performance, and say what you would do if you were in their situation. The truth of the matter is, if you have never been there or been trained for certain situations, you have no clue as to how you would respond under such severe mental pressure. Sometimes we are unable to change our environment to manage stress – this may be the case where we do not have the power to change a situation. Therefore, a person must learn to adapt and improvise in order to overcome the mental challenges and to have the best possible chance of succeeding. This is only accomplished with training.

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Business is the Quintessence of Exchange and Transacting

Business is the quintessence of exchange and transacting. In the Greek, business means to gain by means of one’s activity or investment; specifically, it means to earn, gain, or make a profit.

Business is the quintessence of exchange and transacting. In the Greek, business means to gain by means of one’s activity or investment; specifically, it means to earn, gain, or make a profit. As he sought to make the message of God clear, the Apostle Paul drew from BUSINESS, government, warfare, athletics, and labor. Exchange and transaction in business includes such things as the issuance of a title deed, the credit and debit side of a ledger, the forfeiture of what was thought to be a gain, the earnest money paid down in the transference of property, a receipt marked “paid in full,” a last will and testament, or a broken contract. In warfare, business takes place as well; it is the soldier, his weapons, his armor, his shield, and his wages. The business of government involves the commonwealth, its citizens, and their responsibilities and privileges. All of these dealings (business) appear in the Apostle Paul’s writings. He used dichotomies such as the slave and the skilled artisan, the finished product and the possibility of that work being rejected by an employer because of its failure to meet specifications to make useful illustrations. For Paul, these illustrations were familiar to Roman citizenry, and were ideal mediums to preach the gospel. In the realm of athletics, he used symbols such as the racecourse, the runners speed, the crown of oak leaves that graces the brow of the winner, the desperate, agonizing efforts of two wrestlers, and the concerted team work of one group of athletes against another to epitomize the relentlessness of the exchange occurring in business. Paul was a scholar and a man of books who was trained in Greek schools; yet he spoke and wrote the language of the average person as he preached the Word of God. Paul understood that life is business.

Faith: A Powerful Tool & Weapon

As Christians begin their journey of growth in the Lord, they are to realize the challenges that lie ahead. These challenges are not your run of the mill trials, they are situations set up by the devil to take a Christian out. Satan realizes that Christians have been equipped with a powerful tool and weapon called faith. Faith is the link to everything in your Christian walk. If a Christian fails to conduct and live their life by faith, they have failed to please God. For the Bible declares that without faith it is impossible to please God. There is nothing more attractive to God than a breathing faith. In all my years of studying the Word of God, I have yet to find a scripture where Jesus applauds how a Christian impressed Him with their love. I am not diminishing the major necessity of love, for God is love. But on the other hand, I have read several passages where Jesus raved about an active faith. Jesus celebrated the faith of the Roman centurion soldier; rewarded the faith of the persistent woman; saw the faith of the four men carrying the paralytic; and healed the blind man according to his faith. Faith is like a muscle. In order for you to get the maximum use out of your faith, you must develop it with use. This is why the Bible speaks of little faith, strong in faith, where is your faith, weak in faith and one not having much faith. Consequently, the Bible is clear about how faith must be developed in order to become strong faith. Delve into God’s word and discover how you can develop strong faith that will cause you to walk in victory every day of your life.