Control Your Environment for Success

Control Environment MB TextHave you ever felt a sense of hopelessness about a situation in your life or felt completely powerless to change your circumstances? Well, welcome to the club! Anybody who has ever thought of attempting anything worthwhile, has at some time in their life, looked up at a huge mountain of things to do, which seemed beyond their reach to complete. This viewpoint leads many people to never set goals, for fear they will not score.

People often approach me with the thought of starting a business, but they are quickly discouraged when they discover the amount of paperwork which must be completed, or the funds which are necessary to begin. Having a desire to start a business or to author a book is not motivation enough to propel a person to not only start, but also complete the endeavor.

Government agencies encourage people to pursue government funds which are offered to serious people. Bureaucratic red tape is a deterrent only to those who are not serious enough to pursue much-needed assistance, which may be offered to the general public through start-up business grants or low interest loans. As a result, their dreams will usually come to a squelching halt because they did not take into account how laborious and painstaking it is to start a business.

Listen to me! You do not have to be dissuaded or shoved around like some rag-doll by fear. You can discover the power to stand up to the bully of success, which is fear, and never feel powerless again. Feeling powerless and being powerless are two different positions, and feeling powerless does not make it so. The impediment standing between you and starting your dream endeavor, is not the lack of knowledge or money; it is simply the apprehension that it may be too hard or too much of a price to pay. Therefore, failure is the mental image which must be changed before you will ever believe you can set your dream in motion.

People have gone to great lengths to protect their emotion of fear so that in the eyes of relatives, friends, and associates, their personal image is not tainted. They want people to see them as powerful and daring. Therefore, they lie and shield their fears with anecdotes and excuses to direct the focus away from them. In truth, they are frightened of challenges and they have chosen to sit back in the comfort of mediocrity. Don’t look to manage your fears, learn how to cripple them before they cripple you.

People do not drown because they cannot swim; they drown because they believe they cannot swim. If a person drowns, it is because they panic and fight the water until they are completely exhausted. Afterwards, their bodies float to the top. You do not have to drown in order to float on top of water, you can simply decide to relax (be at ease) and you will find yourself floating. When people lose the fear of something, they can learn to master it; but as long as fear dominates a person, the thing they are fearful of will dominate them.

I would like to think that I am interested in wanting the best for people I love and mentor, especially those I am intimately engaged with on a daily and weekly basis. However, my nurturing image of what many of them can become, and the things I believe they are capable of accomplishing is oftentimes in conflict with where they have chosen to settle instead of pursuing their highest aspirations.

Stop living in fear and start fearlessly living. Life is short and filled with frustrations, disappointments, and failures. On the other hand, life is inundated with contentment, pleasures, and fulfillment. Failure and disappointment do not define you; they are designed to refine you.

My friend, it is how you see it. Frustrations can become advantageous, disappointments can become fulfilled appointments, and failure can be replaced with success. The choice is yours! Choose today, how you are going to live the rest of your life. Remember, how you live tomorrow is determined by the things you do today. Decision Determines Destiny!

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Become An Action Figure: An Excerpt from Dr. Brown’s New Book MAXIMIZE YOURSELF (Coming Soon)

“Greatness is not what comes out of the womb of a woman; greatness is birthed out of the courageous heart that refuses to do anything but stand and fight when faced with an insurmountable challenge, even when initially afraid.”

~Dr. Mikel Brown

hero200 We have all experienced, in some form or another, abuse in our lives from friends, relatives, parents, and even self-inflicted wounds, which have left an indelible mark on our psyches. For some of us, even our bodies.
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Can You Pass the Entrepreneur Quality Test Pt.2?

Entrepreneur Testing Young Entrepreneurs
So, you want to be an entrepreneur. In my last blog post, I started with a series of questions and I will do the same in the second part of this blog post to refresh your memory. If you have not read part one of this blog post, I suggest you read it to receive a better understanding of the process of developing entrepreneurial skills.

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Can You Pass The Entrepreneur Quality Exam?

Entrepreneur Exam
Entrepreneur Exam
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Making Aspiration Work through Inspiration

While the American economy is staggering under the weight of a double-digit trillion-dollar deficit, people are wondering how they can increase their income or ensure their financial future by starting a business. Recently a woman came to me speaking about how her husband was laid off from work and after returning to his job, he is again anticipating another layoff. This time, she was wondering how they can better prepare for what is seemingly difficult times ahead.

My advice is do not use your perspiration on trepidation; rather use it on your inspiration fueled by your aspiration. Instead of sweating over worrying, sweat making your ideas work for you. People often say, “I don’t know what I can do!” in desperation when in fact they will not do what they know. People have to learn to trust their instincts and go for what they know. Oftentimes, people question their resolve to hang in there when things seem to be more challenging than anticipated. I have learned that money is not going to come to you just because you want it. You are going to have to do more than just want it; you are going to have to learn how to demand and command it.

I believe one of the first steps for people who are seeking ways to increase their income is to unlock themselves from a prison of debt, so that they can be uninhibited or at least working at being liberated from debt so that they can focus on making their ideas a reality. Paying a little extra money on your debts can go a long way while your dreams are working their way out from the subconscious into authenticity. Some people have played around for so long with their income by trying to convince themselves that they will be able to pay their bills off later, that now, that later date is here and they have more debt than they have money. Nevertheless, this is not a hopeless situation. You have your target right in your grasp and it is time to zoom in on your enemy and take it out. Whatever you do, do not become discouraged!

Discouragement is not the absence of adequacy but the absence of courage.
-Neal A. Maxwell

It is now time to believe in you and do something out of character. Stop calculating every move, in fear of moving in the wrong direction. Movement in any direction is a sign that you are not dead. Ideas are a-dime-a-dozen; but the one who does something with their idea can possibly make millions. Who wants to be a millionaire? If this is you, and you are sick-n-tired of being sick-n-tired, get up, go out, and make something happen.

Think business; think success. Do not be afraid to change your thinking pattern into something conducive to bringing in more income. Allow me to tell you a brief story about one person’s revelation on the Secret of Swimming: John said, “I learned to swim in boyhood, but it was only one summer that I achieved complete mastery of myself in the water. For 30 years, I had assumed that I must constantly struggle to keep from sinking. One day an expert swimmer watched me swimming for a few minutes and then shouted: “Stop fighting the water and trust it to hold you up. Use your strength and get somewhere.” Under his direction a few moments sufficed to convince me, he was right. I laid flat in the water without moving hands or feet and to my delight, it held me up. Then I struck out, using my strength to forge ahead. What a revelation! Why did not someone tell me years ago?

So many people constantly struggle to be successful because they fight it as though success is their enemy. At least start something; because you will never know how far you can go or how much money you can make if you remain where you are. Get Radical, Start Dreaming.