Disarming Pressure and Stress

stressed-200HOW DO YOU HANDLE PRESSURE OR STRESS? Pressure has a way of disorienting you, scrambling your brain patterns, and causing confusion. If you don’t learn to get a handle on it the moment it appears, the result could be drastic mood swings and destructive behavior patterns.

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What Is Your Inspiration?

Shattering The Mold of Mediocrity
Inspiration can come from so many different sources, but can you muster the kind of inspiration from within to propel you towards achieving your goals while facing discouragement? Can a person inspire him or herself?

Self motivation is something that originates from within and helps you to overcome barriers while you pursue your goals and aspirations. The quickest killer of pursuit is discouragement and the quickest killer of discouragement is pursuit. In other words, the end result will be either pursuit or discouragement; depending on which one a person will capitulate to. To be inspired from within increases your greatest potential to succeed.

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Back on Track

Sometimes you don’t realize how far you have gotten away from the things you use to do and the person you use to be, until you look back to see how far off track you are.

Train on Track
Train on Track
Sometimes you don’t realize how far you have gotten away from the things you use to do and the person you use to be, until you look back to see how far off track you are.

Train tracks are designed to take a train to a particular designation. The train is designed to travel only on railroad tracks. The train cannot take short cuts, it cannot cut through fields, and the train cannot change its course without the conductor. Even if the conductor changes the direction of the train, the train maintains its position on the train tracks. If you see a train going down Broadway in New York, you will know that the train has been derailed. Continue reading “Back on Track”

What Do You Do When You’re Between Jobs?

Idleness between jobs
Idleness is as dangerously reckless as driving a car at 120 miles per hour down a bumpy dirt road. If the speed does not cause serious injury or possibly death, hitting one of the bumps will.

In retrospect, if you consider the cause or reason for some of your troubles, you will discover idleness at the root of most of them. The mind is a unique mechanism and it requires deliberate actions or else it will conjure up its own actions. You might think that when you take a vacation, your mind should do the same. Continue reading “What Do You Do When You’re Between Jobs?”

How Cleaning Your Closet Can Help You Break Bad Habits

Messy Closet
Messy Closet
Are you embarrassed by the disgraceful state of your closet? Do you quickly throw things inside and slam the door, hoping that the closet’s entire contents won’t come crashing down? Are you secretly hoping someone will come and straighten out your mess so that you will not have to personally deal with what you have created—giving you a fresh start? What does your cluttered closet have to do with the state of your mind?

Whether you are an inveterate procrastinator, a junk food junkie, or a perennial job hopper, I believe the first step to breaking any bad habit is to clean up your clutter. If your closet is messy and unorganized, your thoughts probably are too—so start small and work your way up to the big stuff. If you are interested in being successful or starting a business and you do not have enough time to read twenty books, first sit down and determine in your mind and heart what you really want to do. Once you have made your determination about your future, you are then in the captain’s seat.

There is no elevator designed to take you to the success floor; you have to take the stairs. One-step at a time towards the goal line of accomplishment is the difference between dreaming about success and living it. Usually, people are looking to increase their bottom line when they have not yet figured out why the line is at the bottom. Being organized is the initial way to ensure success, but having no plan is unquestionably a way to kill your dream. When you organize your thoughts, it is an indication that your life is organized as well.

Let me give three important principles to help you succeed in business, increase your job performance and even make your life better. These three principles can easily become actionable and will produce immediate results, if they are used appropriately.

  • Discover if the sky is the limit for your dream business or if it’s the top of your closet.
    Most people end up putting their dreams on the shelf because they were unwilling to exit their comfort zone.
  • Develop the skills to become your own “Think Tank.”
    It is a good feeling to accept money generated by your thoughts. However, it is a better feeling knowing how to make your business or life work for you.
  • Visualize yourself as a mover and a shaker.
    In the 1970s, Lee Iacocca became the man to champion the Ford Mustang when it was considered by the Ford Corporation to be held in limbo. He was later hired by the struggling Chrysler Corporation, whose federal debt was nearly a billion dollars. In 1983, Lee Iacocca wrote a check for the Chrysler Corporation in the amount of $813,467, 500 to clear their federal debt and he became a premier business innovator to this day.


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