4 Non-Negotiable Qualities I Look For In Hiring

MB Text 6-7-2015 1(Business Hiring)There are certain qualities I look for in a person in which determines the kind of relationship I choose to have with them. I believe the degree of my personal relationships, whether professional or personal, are determined by the qualities I listed below. If you have a relationship with a person who does not add to promoting or improving your quality of life, than they are perhaps unintentionally diminishing it. These qualities will help employers as well as individuals who are interested in making the right choice of those they allow in their space.


I look for integrity in a person’s life, because if you can’t trust a person, it is difficult to build a quality structural business or relationship. We live in a society where lying is a common practice, and no one seems to care unless they are the ones being lied to. In case you didn’t know, honesty is telling the truth. In other words, we conform our words to reality. On the other hand, integrity is conforming reality to our words. It is keeping promises and fulfilling expectations. Therefore, when I employ the term “honesty,” I am alluding to both honesty and integrity.

At the most basic level of human characteristics, an honest person does not lie. They will not exaggerate or misrepresent the facts. They do not withhold negative information. They will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. They have the courage to face reality head-on and make their words conform to it. They would never ask someone else to lie on their behalf or to cover for them.

They are also honest in giving others feedback and they are able to be direct without being insensitive. They refuse to create unnecessary drama, and they do not say anything about those who are absent that they wouldn’t say if they were present.


An unassuming person doesn’t mean they are egotistical in a quiet way. A person with the characteristic of humility has a good sense of him or herself. They do not think more highly of themselves than they should which deals with pride, nor do they think lower of themselves than they ought which lends itself to having a poor self-esteem. They are sober-minded and usually unruffled by compliments, having a realistic grip on their strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to this person not to exhibit a life of self-importance, thinking that the world center’s around them. They may display determination and get-up-and-go for the cause, for the company, or for the team, but they are not ambitious for themselves. They are not overly-concerned about titles, status, or position in comparison to others.


A proactive person takes a practical, hands-on approach to life. They are hungry and single-minded with an appetite for accomplishment. Metaphorically speaking, their last meal or last accomplishment is already a fading memory. They know what they want and they want it now. They are not impatient, just eager. They are looking for the next project, the next challenge or the next obstacle so they can figure it out like a Rubik’s cube.

They don’t spend their time dwelling on past accomplishments. They realize life is about living and living is about activity or movement. If a person isn’t moving, they must be dead. They are always reaching for more—setting higher goals. This is the kind of person who is driven to exceed whatever expectations have been imposed upon them. This is just a part of their make-up. They love figuring something out, especially if they have had no prior knowledge of it.

A hungry proactive person is intellectually curious. They read regularly —newspapers, magazines, and books. They love learning new things and sharing what they’ve learned with others. They can’t just sit around because it would just about kill them—not in a literal sense.

A proactive person will come to a meeting prepared, having completed his or her assignment. In the meeting, they are active listeners, asking questions and taking notes. They are not intimidated by the apathy of others or the views of others because of their active involvement and concern about getting the much needed information to do a job correctly. After the meeting, they follow up. They complete their assignments on-time without someone having to prod them to do so. They are relentless when it comes to execution. Although this is an admirable trait, others working around them are sometimes disturbed because their high-powered standards exposes the low standards they may govern their lives by.

Resolute Thinker

This is a person who is not afraid of making decisions. However, unlike strong-minded and sometimes unbendable people, the resolute thinker is one who makes calculated decisions. He or she believes rather mentally, orally, or by written annotation that collecting data is a necessity. They can easily spot a person ill prepared for their task, or a product part that is faulty or sub-standard. They will never sell or offer such a sub-quality product for the sake of a sell.

A Resolute Thinker is usually a person who exercises initiative and is very resourceful. This person is mainly resolution oriented and secondarily results responsive. In other words, to solve a problem is more important than getting the results, which may eventually reveal a lack of prioritizing for a company. He or she will work better in customer service or human resource departments. They are good at reading personalities and good at helping people figure out what they want. If you are an employer, put this person in front as a representative, and your rewards will be returned by an enormous amount of compliments.

For the employer who is looking for a good employee, these standards should be non-negotiable. It’s hard to find the buried treasure unless you have a map. It’s difficult to win a scavenger hunt unless you have a list. And, it’s impossible to hire the right people unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

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How To Rocket Your Life And Income

2-22-15-insideHow Fast Are You Willing to Recover from a Setback or Do You Just Sit Back? Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks. In other words, in life you have to be like elasticity, which is the knack of matter to spring back quickly into shape after being bent, stretched, or deformed.

What do you do when your business is struggling, or your career appears to be on the verge of being railroaded by a young witty super salesperson, or when your life seems to be inundated with the yo-yo syndrome? How do you get your marriage off the rocks or make your marriage solid as rock when things are rocky?

When a situation occurs that can negatively affect your life or possibly cause it to turn out for the worse, there are three possible choices you can make in reaction to it. You can decide to panic, do nothing and adapt, or become innovative.

Considering the economic conditions we are facing in this country with unemployment in the double digits, increasing home foreclosure rates, diminishing property values, and skyrocketing healthcare prices, people are wondering how it is possible to save even a dollar; especially, with taxes increasing every time a politician sneezes. With the constant negative fluctuation of U.S. currency, upheaval amongst our political officials, the threat of nuclear warfare, and white-collar crime increasing, whom do we trust with our future earnings—whom do we trust with our lives?

Our military men and women are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Three quarters into the year 2010, the military experienced twice the number of suicides as the previous year. Americans are angry and fed up with our government sending government civilian personnel and troops over to defend and help build the economies of other nations, as they perform such a task under volatile conditions, while the U.S home front is collapsing under the weight of social programs, wasteful spending, excessive taxes, and a bureaucracy that apparently does not care about its own citizens.

Already, some people are surmising that the American ship is going down and have decided to check out of this life by committing suicide. Panic appears to be the choice of some people. However, when a person panics, all self-control is lost, and the ability to think clearly is cluttered with ‘what ifs’ that have nothing to do with what is. Let me suggest to you that this is not a time for panic, but sober contemplation. We cannot assume the phrase, “We will not go down without a fight.” We must only consider the phrase, “We will not go down!” With this attitude, fortitude is established and focused intensity is applied. Therefore, when politicians fail, pandemonium is served, and conditions are other than favorable, who do you trust?…Trust God!

There are people who do nothing in this country but complain and adapt to environments without any attempt to create change. “What can one man do” they exclaim, while conditions worsen around them. They are welded into the declining conditions as a permanent fixture, never to rise above it. There is still another choice that should be considered, and yes, it is the best choice of all.

It was Plato who said that necessity is the mother of invention, and believe me, innovation is the prevailing thought. There are a people who have displayed resilience under severe and sometimes unbearable circumstances, who have come out even more determined to live on. Jewish people, whom I have had the wonderful privilege of engaging and hearing their stories, have encouraged me in more ways than one could possibly imagine.

If Jewish people were forbidden in one direction, they would excel in another. When Jews were prohibited to deal in new clothes, they sold old clothes—that was the beginning of organized traffic in secondhand clothing. When they were not allowed to deal in merchandise, they dealt in waste—the Jewish people are the originators of the waste product business of the world. They were the originators of the salvage system and found wealth in the rubbish of civilization. America and the world have the history of the commercial descendants of those earlier Jews who turned adversity into success…not by becoming bitter, but better.

Beloved, despite the economic woes of this nation, if we the people can believe, decide not to panic, and begin to eradicate our personal debt by taking a strategic approach to doing so, we will succeed. Despite what the nation is experiencing…do not panic or adapt to the conditions of your surroundings. Become resilient and learn to work within the system until the system works for you.

Recommended Reading:

I frequently say, “Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” I strongly believe this statement; therefore, I have taken the time to recommend reading material that I believe will greatly benefit your life and business endeavors. Click the images to see more information or to order the books from Amazon.com.

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They Said You Can’t Do What?

can't-do200I have learned ideas are a dime a dozen, and it takes more than a dime to develop just one of your ideas. This may be why some great ideas stay locked away in the minds of normal geniuses who are not interested in investing their time and resources in something they feel cost too much. Having a great idea is one thing; having an idea and fortitude to make your idea happen is another.

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The Lesson Failure Taught Me

failure-lessons-200The disguise of failure can often deceive people into thinking that failure is actually fatal. When in fact, failure is not fatal, nor is success final.  

It is important to have a healthy perspective about life, success, and struggles, when one experiences failure, because of the frustration and disappointment often associated with it. However, failures are just lessons on how to get something done right; while at the same time, they increases your knowledge on what will not work. Some things that you may have thought were failures were actually successes. You may have looked at the things you’ve blown and felt like you made a complete donkey of yourself, but in actuality, those failures opened your eyes and made you a better person. 

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