Resolve Or Dissolve

You either expand or you become expendable. You have to decide to live your passion or else it will be easy to become distracted? Have you committed to developing a winning strategy to cultivate greatness? No person can reach his or her full capacity without being committed to achieving it. Success should not be measured in terms of perfection, which can hardly be sustained, but rather by progress.

When your endeavors fail to attain a status of flawlessness, progress should be the expected outcome. Improvement is insignificant gain when your goals are enormous. Therefore, focus on realistic goals with their foundations settled in your passion, which is fueled by your inspiration. Avoid setting goals which are easily achievable. In fact, you should not set your expectations so far out of reach that you would need wings to get there.

Believable goals are far better than inconceivable ones. The evidence of commitment is what drives the athlete to perform at their personal best when they have to play extra endings of baseball, shoot one more basketball in overtime, or fight one more round when it appears they are losing the fight. You should not be overly concerned with winning by a landslide, just winning. Your aim should be to beat average, not succumb to it.

Being victorious in any area of life, whether by a large spread or an inch, is still winning. Let’s face it; there are no short cuts to success and it never goes on sale. Oftentimes, people want to achieve success at basement bargain prices without investing their time, energy, and resources. My friend, you must discover what is so personally valuable to you that it unleashes the fight in you. It must be that thing which makes you lose yourself in the moment of someone’s audacity to try to take it from you. You growl at the challenges, as a female dog will growl when strangers are trying to take her pups.

Regardless of how you hear others talk about how dreadful the economy is, the rising divorce rate, and the humongous loss of jobs, do not allow these individuals to weaken your defenses. Yes, negative occurrences are all around us, but it doesn’t mean they’re in us. You should not allow yourself to become contaminated with the misdirection of others and lose your dedication. Continue to fight for your dream of a wonderful marriage, a successful business, and a powerful and fulfilling life. If you can discover your passion in life, it will begin to spill over into other areas of your life.

How you view your circumstances and disappointments is important in determining to whether or not you will muster up the strength to go at it again. I cannot overemphasize the value of a failed attempt. That’s right; I said there is value in failure. How else can you learn to persevere if you never experience the kind of challenges which test your resolve and tenacity to fight, until accomplishment has been achieved? Discouragement is not fatal and failure is not final.

The more you fall short of your goals, the more you learn concerning what not to do. The reward of success is capitulated only to those who persevere over failure. Therefore, do not use failure as a reason to quit, but the motivation to go at it harder than before. Your failures can only make you smarter and privy to information you would not otherwise have accumulated.

All the rewards of life are beyond the comfort zone of convenience. Here is a remedy for being cantankerous and just plain irritable about life’s situations. Instead of trying to force yourself to pretend you are cheerful about the circumstances which are seemingly getting the best of you, take a real-life approach to fixing the whole matter. I discovered circumstances do not truly create moods; people do.

Your frame of mind is not preconditioned to circumstances, which cause your emotions to become erratic. People have simply learned over time to associate emotional responses with certain occurrences. Our thinking patterns are involuntarily forced into emotional responses based on the consistent images which suggest behavioral responses. It takes years of seeing these mental images which are conducive to producing reactionary responses without forethought. Therefore, it is not so simple to act as if you are happy about things falling apart in your life, which would normally cause an emotional shift.

Are you ready to hear how you can change your seemingly predisposed behavior? Count your blessings or they do not count! You might respond here with a resounding “What?!” I know you thought the remedy to controlling your emotional mood was a more complicated process. On the contrary, the answers to much of our problematic situations are discovered in simplicity.

Count Your Blessings. If you are only considering how bad your situation is, think of how much worse it could be. There are more things working in your favor than are working against you. When you begin to count your blessings, you will notice how the good far outweighs the bad. Therefore, thank God! Complaining about your circumstances will not fix them; it will only exacerbate them. If however, you count the good things which can come out of a bad situation; your emotional response will be favorable rather than negative. Try it; it works.

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