Failure In Business Or Life Is Not An Option

failure-option-postIn life, business, or anything else I decide to do, I refuse to accept failure as an alternative. It can be quite difficult for some people to understand what I’m sharing in this blog, but I assure you that by the time you finish reading this article you will agree with this most simplistic approach to viewing disappointment or things when they do not go according to plan.

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The Average 90

Average 90
The Average 90
Whether you heard of this group or not, the most important thing about this group is that you do not want to be a part of it. People in this group are not necessarily bad people, but if anyone from this group has your undivided attention, they may be a deterrent to your progress. The Average 90 is a group of people who may be stuck in a box without any desire or passion to break out of it. They avoid risk, abandon conflict and run from attention. This class of people believes that the Uncommon 10 are a small elite class of people with special heavenly endowments, which gives them the excuse for living in mediocrity.

There is a reason, which may not be apparent to all, of why 10% of the population continues to get 90% of the prosperity pie. It may be that the average 90% are content with making the uncommon 10% richer. As long as “The Average 90” have a job, it matters not if they are restricted in their income. Where many may have quit along the path to success and financial freedom, the few who continued to the end, are simply ordinary people who made up their minds to go all the way and not be average. The difference between the average 90 and the uncommon 10 is that the average 90 wait for opportunities to be exposed, while the uncommon 10 create opportunities.

If you desire to escape the mundane of the average 90, you have to be willing to learn how to unlock your personal potential for self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal power. This will catapult you to become a leader in business, earn more money, and get more out of life than ever before. When you learn to maximize your performance, it will be because you have displayed the mindset and developed the critical characteristic for achievement. When you comprehend time management for results, you will double your productivity. When you are motivated to become a high performer, you have positioned yourself to mentor others to become high performers. My aim is to help you to think strategically, make better decisions, and get faster, more predictable results.

It takes perseverance to break loose from the mediocre to do something other than what most people do, which is get a job. Of course, owning a business is not a piece of cake. Among the downside to being your
own boss can be:

  1. the lack of time off
  2. no paid vacations or holidays
  3. no health-care coverage unless you purchase your own policy
  4. no pension unless you purchase your own
  5. the possibility of losing the money that you and others have invested should your business fail.

On the other hand, making money is one of the easiest things to do and making more money is even easier. Ninety percent of the population leaves more money on the table then anyone can access, if they have half the passion to get out of the Average 90 crew.

They said that Walt Disney, a man who drew a mouse and named the mouse Mickey, had no imagination. If Walt Disney can build an entire financial empire with a mouse and with no imagination, imagine what you can do with a DREAM. Read to become inspired. Aspiration comes from inspiration.

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The Disney Difference is Simply Amazing

I am just returning from Disney World in Orlando, Florida and I am beat. I am presently experiencing playground battle fatigue because I have a three-year-old son that kept me running, dodging, jumping, lifting his body weight and yelling three quarters of each day. I enjoyed my stay at Disney World, but I could not help from being mesmerized with Disney’s sense of order and meticulous attention to detail. Every Disney World employee we met was able to answer every question my wife and I had. This was our third family visit to Disney and their system has not yet cracked under the scrutiny of my skeptical eye.

Nothing like Disney World

Each time we visit Disney World, like the last several times, we took a brief hiatus to visit another well-known attraction we had heard a great deal about. When we arrived at this attraction, I went to pick up my tickets that I purchased online. We were met by a woman at the entrance to the attraction talking on her cell phone, which was outright disrespectful to visitors and a lousy example to this certain establishment. To add insult to injury, as we went further into the Attraction they did not have any supervision to monitor the children’s play area nor were there personnel to inform people on what goes on at each attraction. The Attraction was small and you would think that since fewer employees are needed here than at Disney World, they would have an ample work force and security to make their Theme Attraction exciting and safe.

Shoestring Budget – No Problem!

If you do not have the very best facility and your budget is the shoestring…no problem! This company could have done little things, such as going that extra mile to make their guest feel like they have been thoroughly informed when visiting their Attraction…and their visitors would appreciate it. However, it would take time to change their system, but it would engage the people to become participator instead of spectator.

Small Efforts, Huge Impact

What are some of the little things you can do to make your company run better or your marriage to become more cohesive or friendships more productive? Here is a short list of things you can implement to help your business or personal relationships improve and do extremely well, just by becoming more meticulous:

  • Learn how to say the right things the right way.
  • Listen to what people say about your service or product.
  • Train yourself and your employees on how to smile.
  • Invest time into correcting those so-called small insignificant details.
  • Post direction signs or write little notes of appreciation to your close relationships.
  • Ask questions about how you or your company is doing.
  • Always make yourself available.
  • Make small concessions for people that will make them feel special.
  • Make no assumptions that people know something.

These small little things will cost you no additional dollars but the dividends you will reap will make a lot of cents. You do not have to be Disney World to touch people; you just have to have a heart.