Look For Your Motivation In The Most Unlikely Place

motivation-blog-postHow often do you find that you see people, and even a friend who seems to be up when things are well and down when things aren’t going well, or you know — awful? To be kind, let’s just say they are often downhearted, and in need of some motivation from without. To succeed in life, motivation must come from within, to succeed on the battlefield of war, motivation must be sought out of a will to live, and to succeed in sports, motivation comes as the result of practice.

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Dreaming Success

I have lived through the loss of loved ones. I have lived through the struggles of the Civil Rights Era. I have also lived through the errors of my ways; but through it all, I have learned to live. I have not at anytime looked to blame the outcome of my life on the absence of my biological father or the color of my race.

I do not believe that my dreams have or can be hindered by the diabolical perceptions of people who may not want to see me do well. I have forced myself to avoid the naysayer, to remain focused and become consistent in the pursuit of my dreams. I am an advocate for “I Can” and believer in “I Will.” I believe that not only can I live my dreams, but also I will live my dreams.

Small thinkers face their past while big thinkers face their future. Stop thinking on the level of ninety percent of the American population who are confined to thinking in a box. Step out there and get a first hand look at what it feels like to be out of a box. Dig deep down inside and search for the treasures that you have hidden.

If you work for someone, avoid seeing yourself just as an employee who only does what you are told. Use some initiative and work smarter. Be creative. Perform what is not expected from your employer; because that will cause your boss to see how you are not confined to a job description. Your character and your work ethic should cause you to stand out, not fit in.

If people really had goals and employed their passion and persistence, they would face challenges head on. Make the decision that you will no longer allow the waves of life to take you where you do not want to go. Manufacture your own waves by moving decisively in the direction of your goals and dreams.