You Already Have What It Takes To…

You Already Have It
You Can Leap Beyond Your Obstacles

Do you feel like you are drowning in a sea of the same routine in life? Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about how your life seems to be on hold? If you want more out of life, you’re going to have to change what you are doing.

What is the best investment you believe you can make that will immediately reap gigantic benefits both personally and monetarily? If your response is “in yourself”, you are absolutely correct. It’s no secret that YOU are your greatest asset. Let’s face it; you really are all that and a bag of chips.

Take a deep breath and plunge into the BEST YOU ever. It’s time to get your game face on and bring your ‘A’ game into the arena of life. For once in your life, it is time for you to stop thinking you’re good enough, and start believing you are good enough. Let your imagination soar and cross the threshold of mediocrity into the sky is the limit. Challenge yourself and put your grit to the test. You already have what it takes to lose weight, succeed in business, find your dream mate, or get the promotion you believe you deserve. And, I am going to give you the tools in a nutshell that will propel your life into WOW!

Get ready! Prepare yourself to take a giant leap! Now for the first time you can and will begin to experience life from a whole different perspective. Life looks different from the opposite side of losing. A proper introspection is far greater than a false perception. I’m inviting you to come with me as I help you explore your most powerful potential.

In order to learn, you must first be taught. In order to experience what you have been taught, you must apply what you have been taught. In order to never return to the state of ignorance, you must constantly practice what you have been taught. Success is the antidote to failure, but success doesn’t come without the right information. When communication stops, abnormality sets in.

One day I decided to go bowling with one of my protégés in business. I personally consider myself a decent bowler because a person whose bowling average was 205 taught me years ago. I continue to employ those lessons and I try to teach them to others whenever I get the opportunity to experience recreational bowling. As my protégé was bowling, I noticed several things he was doing wrong. I mentioned to him that when your methods are wrong, so it will be with your results. He was becoming more frustrated with his failure to get strikes, but I was rather content with winning the game. I sensed his willingness to listen and apply my instructions, and as he bowled under my tutelage, he saw an immediate improvement in his game.

As he was getting more strikes and spares, I stopped talking to him because his score was getting to close for comfort. He noticed when I stopped instructing him, he quickly returned to his same old habits. At this time, it was no longer just a game but a life lesson to teach. I said, “Remember what I said, don’t watch the pins but rather the marking on the floor and keep your shoulder from turning.” I never had to say another word because from that point he realized that the strikes and spares he was previously experiencing under my instructions did not leave when I kept my mouth shut. My words became a part of his psyche and he continued applying them to bowl a very good score.

This is not a psychological game but rather a psychological change.

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