True Expectations

true-expectations Nothing gives a person hope like having an expectation. In fact, expectation is the anticipation that the possibility of something happening is greater than the probability of it not occurring. The unfortunate thing about expectation is that it doesn’t make things happen, it looks for things to happen. This position of expectation usually places a person in an interim between reality and expectation. And, when reality is viewed as permanent, expectations are usually pointless. It is therefore, absolutely essential that a person understands the underlying principle of having an expectation.

Dr. Brown, are you saying that we shouldn’t have expectations; you may ask. My answer is a big fat emphatic no. Of course not! I said at the beginning that there is probably nothing like expectation to give a person a sense of hope. Expectation gives a person the motivation to look up instead of looking down, as if all hope is gone. It is the gap between the reality of where you are and the expectation to be where you want to go. When expectations are not met, it is easy for a person to become discouraged. William Shakespeare said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” This sounds more like disappointment to me.

My advice to a person with expectations is to view your expectations not as something that you simply want to achieve, but as a shifting of realities, from one reality to another. You see, realities are not permanent. Everything is the way it is because we’ve all agreed that’s the way it is. Expectation has everything to do with your internal system of belief. Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn’t go away. Therefore, your reality verses your expectation is actually where you presently are in life (present reality) compared to where you want to be in the future (expected reality).

So, how should one view their expectations? I’m glad you asked. Allow me to answer your question this way. People often only view expectations as something that provides a person the room to stretch and grow and it becomes the height of one’s ceiling to reach and touch. However, it can also become your floor to move lower. Expectations are not always what a person may aspire to achieve, they can also be whatever newer levels an individual may fear to fall to.

My suggestions are to designate your expectations to reach higher without the mental apprehensions of perhaps the opposite. For example: You may have a mental picture of being healthier and feeling more energetic by losing those extra forty pounds you have been carrying for the last ten years. However, you may have this thought in the back of your mind of losing some of the weight but gaining back more pounds than what you lose. This too is an expectation. One expectation is conscious and the other expectation is subconscious. Both of your expectations are real, but only one of them goes to the core of your belief.

At your present moment, you are what you subconsciously believe. As you start to shift the thoughts of your frontal brain to the rear, to your subconscious mind, you will shift your entire life from what you want to achieve to what you believe you have achieved.

Jesus said so plainly in Mark 11:24 “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them].” (KJS)

Understand that there will be an internal conflict because you are moving a surface belief to a deep core belief, and this doesn’t happen without combat. It is a fight; however, it is possible to win. Once you change your core beliefs to match what you truly want, you can’t help but to be what you think. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

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