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wisdom-life-250Knowledge is not nearly as important as wisdom. In fact, wisdom can use knowledge, but knowledge cannot use wisdom. Those who believe that knowledge is just as important as wisdom usually like to collect information, which may make a person smarter, but not necessarily wise. You see, to know something would be like knowing nothing if you don’t know how to apply what you know.

I asked this question in an auditorium of about 350 people, “How many of you will confess that if you had your life to do over, you would make different choices and better prepare yourself for life and the struggles that accompany it?” Would you believe every hand went up, including my own? What does this prove? Well, it proves that as a person gains more knowledge as they grow older, they have a deep craving for the wisdom to apply it. This is why all of us would like to go back and correct our past decisions. But, we are challenged to apply our collected wisdom for today’s choices.

I believe what people may have accomplished in life is only a tiny portion of their potential they believe is manageable, without them really having to exert themselves. Imagine having the power to change the world, yet you can only think of changing your furniture around. Commit yourself to doing something BIGGER than yourself. Make your contribution to helping more than your four and no more. Throw your heart over the banister of limitation and your body will follow.

Do you know why most people fail to succeed in life? It’s not because they aim too high and miss hitting their goal; they simply aim too low and actually achieve it. They become comfortable with low risk or no risk. If the goal is at your feet, it takes little effort to reach it. Just bend over and you have accomplished what every child in America can.

Those that are afraid of challenges will never climb the apple tree for the juiciest apples. Instead they will remain on the ground to pick up the apples that fall from the tree. The reality is that many people don’t aim at anything for fear that they might fail. Tasting the bitterness from coming up short of reaching your goal should develop in you the hunger to eat the fruit of success.

Those who negotiate for increased wages believe they earned it by working harder on their job. But the secret to pay increases is not working harder on your job, but rather harder on yourself. Choose not to walk by fear; always do what you believe you can do. However, to walk by faith, takes you doing what you believe you can do without you ever having done it before.

There is a difference between making a mistake and being one. Wisdom will help you make the best decisions for your life.

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