They Said You Can’t Do What?

can't-do200I have learned ideas are a dime a dozen, and it takes more than a dime to develop just one of your ideas. This may be why some great ideas stay locked away in the minds of normal geniuses who are not interested in investing their time and resources in something they feel cost too much. Having a great idea is one thing; having an idea and fortitude to make your idea happen is another.

Within this next phrase rests a key principle—Success is guaranteed to the person who is willing to do what others only talk about doing. With some people, it either costs too much, takes up too much time, there is too much red tape to cut through, or they do not have enough money to tackle their ideas. In essence, what they have is too much of the wrong stuff and not enough of the right stuff. These excuses will fly with the people who say them, but they will never work with those who have laid their careers, savings, and time on the line to secure their dream.

Are there ever any legitimate excuses? Do you find yourself constantly explaining away the reasons why you are unsuccessful, or why your life is in disarray, or the reasons why you are unhappy? It is a sure bet your reasoning is actually a series of lies you tell yourself to avoid facing painful truths. Throw away your excuses and face your fears. The excuses only exist because of your fears. Every person has the awesome potential of making their life what they want it to be, but many compare themselves to other people. In their own eyes, they usually look like they are of lesser quality.

You Must Awaken Your Attributes. People rarely want to hear the truth, especially when it comes to acknowledging their sad state of affairs is their own fault and they have no one to blame for them. These people do not want to aim too high because this will keep them from experiencing the pain of disappointment and failure instead of them using it as motivation to use their strength and ingenuity to enjoy the fruit of accomplishment. How will you ever identify the genius within you if you only choose to attempt feats which are too small and very easy to accomplish, which a five year-old can easily perform? When will you take on a challenge bigger than you are? It will inspire you to awaken your dormant attributes and stretch you to discover ways to accomplish your goals, which may otherwise have still been invisible to you.

Success Cannot Be Denied! No one can build a secure fence around opportunities and wealth. No one person can monopolize success and keep you from experiencing it. However, you can lock yourself out from all the possibilities of succeeding and become completely oblivious to the doors waiting to be opened by you.

Many people sabotage their own efforts to become millionaires or financially secure by choosing to believe things which are completely antagonistic toward establishing wealth and experiencing success. Their present system of belief has caused them to place the blame on God for their lack of success, because they believe God is saying they are not ready for it. Let us not put words in God’s mouth He did not say. Commit your actions to the level of your mental energy (enthusiasm) and watch how you will become a magnet and attract the things you believe.

Start Where You Are! You are not so far behind that it is too late to improve your life, marriage, income, etc. Just about any place is a good place to start again. You will always be a distance away from where you want to be, so start where you are. Realign yourself with your passion; reacquaint yourself with your purpose; and manage the characteristics of your life with faith. If you do not fully trust yourself, trust God. Trust the gift He has placed in you because it is one of a kind. Generate your own energy and do not depend on others to motivate you. Speak words to manufacture a dynamo of drive and passion to stay in a constant state of mobility. You can do it; I know you can! Do you?

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